Friday, August 31, 2012

Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver

More useless stuff.....

I am (try to be) a beer connoisseur and always buy something in the liquor store that is tasty. I have a preference for IPA's, the hoppier the better. My last buy was a "Smashbomb Atomic IPA" brewed by Flying Monkey Craft Brewery in Barrie, Ontario.

 They can be found here: 

They have a bit of fun with their beer caps and put useless or idiotic or downright brilliant one or two liners on the inside of them...hence the name of this post. Their website asks for your quotes for the cool is that?

In other random useless facts;

I kinda lied the other day about the injury free run. I broke one of my toes on my left foot last week by accidentally kicking a corner of a door. This is about the 4th or 5th time I have broken one of those little buggers. A day of rest, and a day of big purple toe later, is usually sufficient healing time. There is of course nothing you can do about it except laugh and curse and find somebody to blame for your misfortune.

I bought 3 pairs of Mizuno Waverider 14's over the internet 3 weeks ago. They arrived on time and as advertized.

Much like buying my first app, it was my first internet buy of running shoes. I love em...and they're flashy and make me go fast!!! I figure I saved about $150 and the only reason I was okay with this was because I was sure of the sizing. My 13's are finally relegated to "sneaker" status so I needed to get some new lads in the rotation.

News flash in Winnipeg: "We can't find jurors for court cases". I did jury duty once on a murder case and actually ended up being the jury foreman. Dude was convicted, 2nd degree murder, 10 years minimum.

Was buying an ice cream last Sunday while out for an afternoon drive with the Boss and the younger lad. Poor girl was working by herself and there was a line 4-5 deep. One of the reasons we go there for ice cream is the value and the "full" cone of ice cream you get. Buddy in front of me tried to draw me into complaining about the wait...I wouldn't bite and stated that was the price of getting a quality ice cream......needless to say, that was the end of our conversation. Why are people like that? I figure if you want it yesterday, quit gripping and go somewhere else that serves faster food. Nice to see that girl keep the quality up instead of selling out to panic....the Tiger Tail was stupendous.

Long weekends are awesome...2-3 long runs for this weekend and more beer sampling scheduled....and hey, a new NFL season starts next week so it's football widow time for the Boss. I'm thinkin I'll be taping a few more games this year with the addition of a Thursday night game every week...yippee!!!

Enjoy the safe!!




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Kate said...

My son's surgeon (who we've had AMPLE opportunities to visit over the past 9 months, oh joy) is regularly running 1 hour minimum behind. I always anticipate 2 hours for visits, including the wait and appointment. However, he's ALWAYS willing to fit my son in if he needs an appt, he takes his time during the appt, and he gave us his HOME number to call when my son was dealing with some minor complications. Not the exchange number, but his own number.

Totally worth the wait, as I tell anyone in the waiting room who complains.