Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random crap

Humidity and hotter temperatures have are finally starting to drop off.....longer runs are in the cards.

Achieved 2 goals on 2 different races. Ran injury free 11k Great Raisin River Run 5 minutes faster that last year and did the local duathlon 3 minutes better than last year.

Neither goal compares to the 16 yr old running a 19:45 5k in the GRRR and finishing 3rd in age, and then following it up a week later at home with a 19:07 5k to finish 3rd overall.....all I can say is smokin!!!! (and what he could do if he even trained a little bit).

9 miles yesterday after work. 1st pain free "run" of that distance since April of this year?

Bought my very first app and burst my apple cherry...LogMyTraining gives me a calendar view of all my training on the iPhone...yeah

For a guy trained in electronics, I am not a technophile

I have put the most miles riding in this year average speed during the duathlon was 19.1 mph

Looking forward to my next and probably last two races of this year.......a 1/2 and a full in Oct.

Still debating whether to maintain the blog or not.

Boys are back to school next week...2X yeah.

Still enjoy reading others exploits......


Kate said...

Speedy boy you have! Very cool to watch your kids be successful. :)

Nice job improving in your races, too. Our temps finally cooled from the triple digits we were sweltering under for a while, but still plenty of 90's. I'm looking forward to fall as much as I possibly can without wishing my time away.

Michelle H. said...

Yay for pain-free runs!

You know, posting regularly once a month is pretty much maintaining the blog :)

Johann said...

Good to hear you can run pain free. Which full in October? Your boy is fast!

Shawn said...

Hi Johann- The Full is "The County Marathon" in Picton Ontario.

Coy Martinez said...

Yes! Keep the blog rolling!

Sheesh your son is fast! If he ever rents his legs out, I could use them to win a few races around here!

Sounds like the biking is going speedily! What kind of ride do you have!?

Shawn said...

Kona ZING Coy