Thursday, June 21, 2012

Manitoba Marathon, Part II

Last year, I received the best Fathers Day present ever. It was pretty good this year too. If you have 15 minutes or so, you can get the other side of the story too.

This will most likely be the last time I post about this. It has been an up an down year of emotions. I am proud of my accomplishment and would do it again in a heartbeat, no pun intended. I posted this quote a year ago and it holds just as true now as it did then:

I expect to pass through life but once.  If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again.  ~William Penn

Life is short, help out when you can, make a difference. This son needed his father, just like my sons do....

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Manitoba Marathon Report, everybody comes home!

Hi all, first post from the iPhone. Finished the Manitoba marathon 1/2 in 3 hours and 20+ minutes, 163/163 for age group. Had a blast, walked all the way with my new buddy after his buddy did the national anthem on harmonica. #2 son did the 10 k walk and then hung around with the new friends family and friends. Lunch was at earl's with everybody getting everybody's version of last years event. The short version for those who don't know, I ran with the fellow I did CPR on last year at this same race. It was full circle and I did real good on the fawcetts till his 12 year old son gave me a hug as we entered the the stadium for the last bit of the walk. Pretty emotional as that was the first time I met him and then shortly after met buddy's wife. We got few funny looks of the course as these two guys were dressed in fancy shoes and all the toys just walked all the way. He did not want to get a. Ap from the pacemaker so we just had a great walk. He told me it was one of his best 1/2's and probably one of his best fathers day ever. Met his sister and brother inlaw and got hugs from all and friends too. Quite a day to say the least. Best part of the day is when 2 told me after brunch how proud he was of me for doing what I did after. I was pretty proud of him too for his maturity and attitude this weekend. He is a fine young man as is his brother and no dad could ever ask for more. Hope all had a great fathers day and if a certain Minnesota follower of mine is still following my blog, congrats on your 2nd in age group in Winnipeg this weekend...great job and you absolutely killed it J..sorry I did not get a chance to meet you!!!!! Home on Tuesday,then the serious traing starts!! Time to get those extra lbs off!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

My sore arse and other amusing facts

I have been back on the bike and paying the price for not doing it earlier in the season. Me and the Zing have been putting in hill rides for the last couple of weeks and my arse is still building up callus's. Last night I warmed up for a mile then hammered out 15 hard mile 12 I had to lift off the seat to let the blood flow again (jeez did that feel good!) or I swear I was going to scream. That would have looked good because mile 12 is right by the golf course. I have this irrational fear that every time I go by there, someone is going to hook a drive and hit me...where I don't know, but it will hit me! I then cooled down for about 5 miles...not really a cool down, just more time in the saddle to beef up the cheeks. Also note how I have trained the bike to stand by itself and wait for me. Good Zing....Good!

Running has been interesting as of late. My right calf has been strained somehow and even though it does not hurt when I run, it feels really weird like my leg is going to fall off at the knee or something. I think the initial bike rides this year have something to do with this....the investigation will continue. I enjoy running in the summer as "The Boss" gets on the bike to keep me company...and I may have mentioned before, if she does not like what I have to say, she just speeds up. Win Win for her!

Off to Winnipeg next week for the 1/2. It has been quiet around here for the last 6 months or so but now the cat is back out of the bag and the phone calls have started again. For those of you who are just looking and not following and wondering "what the hell is he talking about?", please refer back to last years posts after Father Day. Needless to say,  the attention is a bit overwhelming and I know this is going to be a pretty special Fathers day for me and a new friend of mine. I don't know who is more or him? It should be an interesting race report. My life has been so surreal for the last year you would not believe it......I could not even start to imagine it was going to be like this.

Our boys are turning into men...yikes. Our oldest was asked to escort a friend from track to prom. He is 16 this year and is wearing my suit that I wore before I got married. Nice fit considering he is a bit taller than I am does time fly.

NOTE to all Men - Don't be cheap on a suit....a black wool, light pinstripe never goes out of style!

He is pretty young to be going out with the older crowd but he's a good lad with a smart head on his shoulders. You have to give out trust freely and hope it pays big dividends someday. Does he look 16 to you? He is the athlete who is playing soccer on the U18 team this year and does not look out of place. Pretty proud of him and his accomplishments.

Our younger lad completed his survival training for Air Cadets last week and had a the rain. He is going with me to Winnipeg and doing the 10k walk (truth be told, I will most likely be walking the entire 1/2). He then comes back here and goes on a 3 day canoe trip with cadets.  He definitely dances to his own drummer and also has his own fashion style. He is 13 and wearing Dads shoes because he is growing out of his so damn fast. He is going to be a monster and I think it costs us $100 every time one of the boys walks by the fridge!

I am constantly amazed at how much the boys are different and alike at the same time. I love them both so much! So have a great weekend folks. I'll put out a post race report from Winnipeg after Fathers Day as this weekend is going to be running, biking, running around and more running around. If anyone is racing this weekend....good luck and bon chance!!