Friday, May 4, 2012

Toys for Troglodytes

I decided to step into the real I have a new Apple iphone 4S with a data package and all the bells and whistles. Gone is my cool flip phone that the boys laughed at when I tried to text anything more than 1 line.

It is so cool to see how jealous our sons are...heeheheheeee. This is the best part of parenting. I get such a kick out of how they try to justify them getting one....I especially like the one where they tell me "we" have the money for it and I tell them, "I" have the money, "You" have none!

I have also had to explain to them that it is a want and not a need...and therefore, they have to keep their mitts off my toy at the risk of death....and that Dad needed (wanted) a toy that didn't involve me spending money on them: re: see this post. I also added in the cost to replace the front window that took a golf ball to it (boys will be boys), messy rooms, the need for better grades at school...all the regular parenting stuff.

Fell out of bed Thursday morning at 5:26 am exactly....popped of 6.32 miles in the misty rain. It was a beautiful quiet run on the bike path. Have made the decision that if I am awake, I am going.....for the most part. I had great intentions to go this morning but it just felt tooo good to lay in bed for that extra 1/2 hr. I bargained to do 2 long runs this weekend. Both the left and right half of my brain are tough negotiators!

So how many out there use an iphone for training? Applicable Apps? Extra's? Please let me know. I currently use the Garmin 305 for most everything but I do like gadgets and if using the phone has advantages, I would like to know what works for you.....but please note, I do not perspire, I sweat. So if this thing can't handle that, I will stick with the tried and true 305.

Bringing out the Kona Zing this weekend as the temps are supposed to be...wait, iphone says 18 deg C for both I listen to the Eagles "Take it Easy", text my sons and facetime my wife.

Gotta luv it......shawn leaps into the 90's!


Christi said...

Congrats on your new toy!

Kate said...

I have the 3GS, so this may not be applicable, but my phone's gps is waay less accurate than my brother's Droid phone. That doesn't mean I love it any less, though...don't worry. :)

MIchelle said...

I really like the Runmeter app. It saves routes and remembers stores your times etc. As for checking pace, time, distance while you're actually running would depend on how handy your holder will be. And I have no idea how it will fair against the sweat. Here's the website if you want to check it out.

Jill said...

I just got an iPhone about 3 weeks ago for my birthday from my daughter. See, the tables do turn where the kids buy the parents nice, expensive gifts....eventually! :)