Friday, April 20, 2012

MasterCard Commercial Opportunity!!!

What an awesome Hockey game we went to Wednesday night in Ottawa.

Drive Cornwall /Ottawa return - 3 Hrs and $30 gas

Parking - $15

Game Tickets - $297

Supper at Scotiabank Place - $85

Snacks and Refreshments - $50

Sens Jersey and Goalie Mask for #2 son (pre bday present)- $235

Giving your sons the memory of being in the televised intro for the Coast to Coast, Hockey Night  in Canada game night, having the youngest shout the last line before everybody yells "Hockey Night in Canada" and your team winning in OT,  3-2 in front of 20,000+ screaming, yelling, jumping, crazy Senators fans......


(on in the first minute of the link, commercial fist and then it takes a second to load ...# 1 son behind and to the right of the lady who does the 3rd line, I'm behind and to the left of the Ranger fan who does the 4th line but I am on the first crowd scan wearing my hat and # 2 Son behind the mask)

Long run planned in the rain for tomorrow...have a nice weekend all.


Laura said...
I haven't been at all interested in hockey this playoff series...the fighting is just too brutal.
have a great long run!

Caroline said...

of course you know I think this is AWESOME!!!!!!!

Kate said...

Hockey's big news in my little part of the world right now because our Blues are still in it. Be pretty cool to follow a World Series Championship with a Stanley Cup. (and we'll just pretend last year's football season never happened)