Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's just a Hop, Skip and a Jump

Has been awhile, been very, very, very busy.....

Did the Winterman in Ottawa in Feb, quite pleased with my time as my training had not been the greatest....but I was fit enough to do this at about mile 12....I have never bought a race photo before but I figured this one might be worth it.

Spent most of the days before (and the week after) the run helping the wife get around as she had gotten her ACL surgically repaired as well as her meniscus cleaned up. In retrospect, I'm lucky I didn't join her on the crutches. As for the Boss, I am very happy to say she is working her ass off in re-hab and is way ahead of schedule. She had 6 weeks off work after the surgery but did/does 3-4 stints off exercises every day when she is not doing a 12 hour shift (she only does 2 iterations on those days). Sometimes she just rides her bike with me while I run. She likes it......and if I say something she doesn't like, she just speeds up so:

  1. I can't talk as I need every breath to keep my pace, or
  2. She can't hear me when she is 10 feet ahead
Call it a perfect fit, it works for us.

During that 6 weeks off, we took a March break vacation to Myrtle Beach where we hit unseasonably warm spring temps. This allowed me to run on the beach 6 mornings in a row. Awesome trip to say the least and just what the Dr. ordered.

Will do a local run here in 11 days, Run to End MS. Should be a good one as I have been back in a groove for running and the IT has been good. Just have to loose the extra helpings I have had at the trough.

Signed up for 2 1/2's and 1 full this year. Heading back to Winnipeg to run the Manitoba Marathon 1/2 (Fathers Day). If you are a follower since my last trip out there, you know it should be say the least.

Am also doing the Army 1/2 again in Ottawa, a great run and done in September when the temps are cooler. Last for sure is the County Marathon (full) in Prince Edward County around Sandbanks Provincial Park. Again, done when it's cooler in October. I figure to be about 15 -18 pounds lighter than I am now for that run so my summer training will be running in the mornings and on the bike in the evenings.

Our 16 yr old son's brains have officially fallen out, only 2-5 years until he gets them back. Apparently it is medically proven that teenagers are dumber than a bag of hammers when it comes to reasoning things out. Their brains are in such a state of change that they're boneheads. Our 13 year old still has his brains but is going to be a monster. 3 lbs lighter and 4 inches shorter than his brother. It's about a $100 touch every time they look at the fridge...yikes!!! I will be really scared when his brains fall out.

As somebody mentioned in another blog, this is a good place to brag about your kids. As much as I am sarcastic about them sometimes, I love them to bits. Both are receiving hockey awards this weekend based on what their coaches seen. Very proud parents will be in attendance Sunday.

Lastly, will be heading to Ottawa tonight night to catch hockey playoff game 4 between he Sens and the Rangers. Both boys are going with me so it should be fun as Scotiabank place was pretty rocking Monday night.

Go Sens Go!!

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Caroline said...

Hey Shawn! long time no read...
nice to see you on my blogroll

I love that picture! I would have bought it too!!!

Cannot wait to read about the Manitoba race. This will be very special for both of you guys I am sure. We expect a race report for this!

you are scaring me with yours boys brain...I see my future...I think I might freeze my sons at 6 and 7!!!

Go Sens! Lucky you to go to the game!!! Did you see the Chicago game last night...that hit was one of the worst I have seen...cannot believe none of the 4 refs saw it..
have fun tonight!