Monday, April 30, 2012

Run for MS Race Report

To put it all in perspective, I was happy with my result.


14 second slower pace than last year but,

  • I am about 10 - 12 lbs heavier than I was last year
  • Was cold and windy Saturday morning
  • That cold wind was in my face for the out leg (course is an out and back)
When you finally get out of the wind, the last 2 miles is hilly. I held my 7:55 per mile pace for almost the whole race till about the last 3 miles and then I was done. Just wore out at the end.

Bonus - No IT issues, no other pain.

Other Bonus - # 2 son did a PB in the 5 k run. 19:16 to end up 7th out of 226 and 4th in his age group. I mentioned to him that he could be awesome if he trained a little harder. More talent sports wise than he knows what to do with.

So a good race, sets up well for training this summer. I should be able to drop the lbs in the near future as next week I will be doing a run and a bike everyday.

Now...if I can just stay away from the trough....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf. ~Jon Kabat-Zinn

Box of stuff to go through today

Big discussion here these days about ebikes. The owners of these vehicles love to drive them on our Waterfront Trail. It is used by runners, cyclists, families out for a stroll, etc...A few of the big issues I have are their speed and silence. Nothing scares the hell out of you worse than one of these suckers whistling by you at 25-30 mph with zero warning. I don't think I would want to be a parent out with a stroller having to deal with that. 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure....have you seen the latest obesity rates for Canada and the United States? 1 in 4 Canadians and  1 in 3  Americans are clinically obese...and it's rising. I wonder if there is any correlation to ebike sales?

I am far from perfect...I have fallen off the food ledge several times in the last few months but have finally decided to go back to moderation as a solution. Having a  high blood pressure measurement will do that to you......and when you record your weight after every run, it's even more motivation. I also know my ITB issues last summer had to do with my "I run, I can eat whatever I want attitude!"...FAIL, does not work like that.

Speaking of high blood pressure, probably had something to do with this years NHL playoff reffing. Worst I have seen in years. No consistency at all, much like my dedication to training at the end of last year. With that being said, my miles and attitude have both seen a marked increase to the positive.

Race this Saturday, "Run for MS".....hope it's nicer weather than yesterday and today. Mind you, I did do the Winterman this February and it's much warmer than that. 3-6 on the slate for today in the wind and the rain.

Have tried to comment on a few blogs but find I am having issues finding the comment button(s). So Coy, way to go on winning your age group at your triathlon....and just because I don't comment on blogs, doesn't mean I don't read them (does that make me a creeper? nasty little word isn't it?)....and quietly thank the stars that I am not the only crazy person on this earth.

Fun to be blogging again. Somewhere along the road I made the realization that everything I write here does not have to be profound or earth shattering.

Friday, April 20, 2012

MasterCard Commercial Opportunity!!!

What an awesome Hockey game we went to Wednesday night in Ottawa.

Drive Cornwall /Ottawa return - 3 Hrs and $30 gas

Parking - $15

Game Tickets - $297

Supper at Scotiabank Place - $85

Snacks and Refreshments - $50

Sens Jersey and Goalie Mask for #2 son (pre bday present)- $235

Giving your sons the memory of being in the televised intro for the Coast to Coast, Hockey Night  in Canada game night, having the youngest shout the last line before everybody yells "Hockey Night in Canada" and your team winning in OT,  3-2 in front of 20,000+ screaming, yelling, jumping, crazy Senators fans......


(on in the first minute of the link, commercial fist and then it takes a second to load ...# 1 son behind and to the right of the lady who does the 3rd line, I'm behind and to the left of the Ranger fan who does the 4th line but I am on the first crowd scan wearing my hat and # 2 Son behind the mask)

Long run planned in the rain for tomorrow...have a nice weekend all.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's just a Hop, Skip and a Jump

Has been awhile, been very, very, very busy.....

Did the Winterman in Ottawa in Feb, quite pleased with my time as my training had not been the greatest....but I was fit enough to do this at about mile 12....I have never bought a race photo before but I figured this one might be worth it.

Spent most of the days before (and the week after) the run helping the wife get around as she had gotten her ACL surgically repaired as well as her meniscus cleaned up. In retrospect, I'm lucky I didn't join her on the crutches. As for the Boss, I am very happy to say she is working her ass off in re-hab and is way ahead of schedule. She had 6 weeks off work after the surgery but did/does 3-4 stints off exercises every day when she is not doing a 12 hour shift (she only does 2 iterations on those days). Sometimes she just rides her bike with me while I run. She likes it......and if I say something she doesn't like, she just speeds up so:

  1. I can't talk as I need every breath to keep my pace, or
  2. She can't hear me when she is 10 feet ahead
Call it a perfect fit, it works for us.

During that 6 weeks off, we took a March break vacation to Myrtle Beach where we hit unseasonably warm spring temps. This allowed me to run on the beach 6 mornings in a row. Awesome trip to say the least and just what the Dr. ordered.

Will do a local run here in 11 days, Run to End MS. Should be a good one as I have been back in a groove for running and the IT has been good. Just have to loose the extra helpings I have had at the trough.

Signed up for 2 1/2's and 1 full this year. Heading back to Winnipeg to run the Manitoba Marathon 1/2 (Fathers Day). If you are a follower since my last trip out there, you know it should be say the least.

Am also doing the Army 1/2 again in Ottawa, a great run and done in September when the temps are cooler. Last for sure is the County Marathon (full) in Prince Edward County around Sandbanks Provincial Park. Again, done when it's cooler in October. I figure to be about 15 -18 pounds lighter than I am now for that run so my summer training will be running in the mornings and on the bike in the evenings.

Our 16 yr old son's brains have officially fallen out, only 2-5 years until he gets them back. Apparently it is medically proven that teenagers are dumber than a bag of hammers when it comes to reasoning things out. Their brains are in such a state of change that they're boneheads. Our 13 year old still has his brains but is going to be a monster. 3 lbs lighter and 4 inches shorter than his brother. It's about a $100 touch every time they look at the fridge...yikes!!! I will be really scared when his brains fall out.

As somebody mentioned in another blog, this is a good place to brag about your kids. As much as I am sarcastic about them sometimes, I love them to bits. Both are receiving hockey awards this weekend based on what their coaches seen. Very proud parents will be in attendance Sunday.

Lastly, will be heading to Ottawa tonight night to catch hockey playoff game 4 between he Sens and the Rangers. Both boys are going with me so it should be fun as Scotiabank place was pretty rocking Monday night.

Go Sens Go!!