Friday, February 3, 2012

Go Giants...and pass the wings please!

I have been absent, working will do that

I entered 2 1/2 marathons today (The Army Run in Ottawa, ON, Dezine 1/2 in Winnipeg, MB.) and 1 full marathon (The County Run in Picton, ON.)

The rest of my runs this year will be on a "if i feel like it" basis

I am doing the "Winterman" 1/2 in Ottawa, ON. on Feb 19th,( cause I feel like it) -  Jamoosh, send warm weather please but not after I skate on the Rideau Canal tomorrow and have a beaver tail.

I will have to hurry home after the race as my wife will have had knee surgery on the 17th. Not having the 1st surgery after blowing her knee out rounding 2nd base 8 years ago finally caught up to her when she did it again on a trampoline last summer.....this time the knife is coming out!

Our youngest was promoted to Lead Air Cadet and participated in a biathlon finishing 36th out of 51. Very proud to say he is ours

Our oldest son has made the U18 local soccer team since there is no U16 or U17 team. He does not look out of place playing with them. He is 16 in 2 months....holy crap Batman

Plan on running today and this weekend...will then retire to the bar I made a few years back to enjoy the game (please keep the laughing to a minimum about my "Porn Stache" as one female called it!).

As you can see, I am a bit of a football fan. When I built this bar, I sent this picture along with a hand written note to every NFL team explaining that I was a big fan and I was looking for memorabilia for the bar. It was unbelievable what I got (autographs, coasters, posters, autographed Rams ball, etc...). needless to say, there have been a few pints quaffed at this watering hole......and this year, my xmas present was a new 40 Sony Bravia for my Man Cave...yippeeeeeee ...should be a great game with friends and food/beer galore.

Giants by 2 in a nail biter, enjoy the game


Kate said...

My husband is with you on the Giants, and you should hear my 8 year old go on and on (and on...) about the cheating Patriots. He's spent way too much time watching football with his daddy. lol. Your bar is awesome!

Enjoy the races, good luck to your wife, and congratulations to your boys. You have every reason to be proud! :)

Char said...

I hope your wife has a really smooth surgery, no complications and a quick recovery.

Go the Giants!

Who are the Giants?

Christi said...

What an excellent bar! I would love hanging out there!

Have a great weekend! Good luck on your 1/2s and your wife's surgery.

Coy Martinez said...

Check that table out!! I love NFL football and I get a little sad when it's over. Some sort of withdrawl I suppose. That's great that you had all that stuff sent to you!

Hope your wife's knee makes a speedy recovery!! Tell them to tell the dr's to take the IT Band out while they're in there!