Thursday, September 20, 2012

Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions. ~Author Unknown

I have my Army ½ in Ottawa on Sunday. It is perhaps the coolest ½ I like to do as the crowds are awesome and seeing some of the participant’s run/walk/and pedal despite horrific physical disabilities is truly inspiring. Gives you pause to think about what you have as opposed to what you don’t have.

As I have mentioned before, I am doing this run as part of my training for my County Marathon in October.

So here is the quandary… I go all out   “or”  do I back it down and just go at an easy pace?

This debate has been going on in my head for the last week or so as my training runs have been awesome. The temperatures have been cooler and I popped off a 14.12 miler last Saturday in just over 2 hours with 1 days rest and refueling with only water. I followed that up on Sunday with a 7 miler at 37 seconds a mile faster than Saturday….fairly close to my ½ PB race pace.

I promised myself after my last marathon that the new goal would be to finish “and” finish healthy. I cannot and WILL NOT go through 6-8 weeks of IT Band issues again. Once was enough. In fact, I will walk to whole damn thing than force the issue again.

So, will going all out affect my training for the County M? I have 3 weeks between races and will be tapering down in about a week and bit after anyways… is it a big deal?

I am competitive by nature but only to better myself. I am looking at the race weather and it will be cool (good) with rain (good & bad). My IT issues were from the humidity and hydrating which I don’t think will be a factor.

What would you do?

(BTW – I am quietly stubborn and will solicit advice but will do what I feel like on race day…and that’s the fact Jack!!!)

Friday, August 31, 2012

Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver

More useless stuff.....

I am (try to be) a beer connoisseur and always buy something in the liquor store that is tasty. I have a preference for IPA's, the hoppier the better. My last buy was a "Smashbomb Atomic IPA" brewed by Flying Monkey Craft Brewery in Barrie, Ontario.

 They can be found here: 

They have a bit of fun with their beer caps and put useless or idiotic or downright brilliant one or two liners on the inside of them...hence the name of this post. Their website asks for your quotes for the cool is that?

In other random useless facts;

I kinda lied the other day about the injury free run. I broke one of my toes on my left foot last week by accidentally kicking a corner of a door. This is about the 4th or 5th time I have broken one of those little buggers. A day of rest, and a day of big purple toe later, is usually sufficient healing time. There is of course nothing you can do about it except laugh and curse and find somebody to blame for your misfortune.

I bought 3 pairs of Mizuno Waverider 14's over the internet 3 weeks ago. They arrived on time and as advertized.

Much like buying my first app, it was my first internet buy of running shoes. I love em...and they're flashy and make me go fast!!! I figure I saved about $150 and the only reason I was okay with this was because I was sure of the sizing. My 13's are finally relegated to "sneaker" status so I needed to get some new lads in the rotation.

News flash in Winnipeg: "We can't find jurors for court cases". I did jury duty once on a murder case and actually ended up being the jury foreman. Dude was convicted, 2nd degree murder, 10 years minimum.

Was buying an ice cream last Sunday while out for an afternoon drive with the Boss and the younger lad. Poor girl was working by herself and there was a line 4-5 deep. One of the reasons we go there for ice cream is the value and the "full" cone of ice cream you get. Buddy in front of me tried to draw me into complaining about the wait...I wouldn't bite and stated that was the price of getting a quality ice cream......needless to say, that was the end of our conversation. Why are people like that? I figure if you want it yesterday, quit gripping and go somewhere else that serves faster food. Nice to see that girl keep the quality up instead of selling out to panic....the Tiger Tail was stupendous.

Long weekends are awesome...2-3 long runs for this weekend and more beer sampling scheduled....and hey, a new NFL season starts next week so it's football widow time for the Boss. I'm thinkin I'll be taping a few more games this year with the addition of a Thursday night game every week...yippee!!!

Enjoy the safe!!




Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random crap

Humidity and hotter temperatures have are finally starting to drop off.....longer runs are in the cards.

Achieved 2 goals on 2 different races. Ran injury free 11k Great Raisin River Run 5 minutes faster that last year and did the local duathlon 3 minutes better than last year.

Neither goal compares to the 16 yr old running a 19:45 5k in the GRRR and finishing 3rd in age, and then following it up a week later at home with a 19:07 5k to finish 3rd overall.....all I can say is smokin!!!! (and what he could do if he even trained a little bit).

9 miles yesterday after work. 1st pain free "run" of that distance since April of this year?

Bought my very first app and burst my apple cherry...LogMyTraining gives me a calendar view of all my training on the iPhone...yeah

For a guy trained in electronics, I am not a technophile

I have put the most miles riding in this year average speed during the duathlon was 19.1 mph

Looking forward to my next and probably last two races of this year.......a 1/2 and a full in Oct.

Still debating whether to maintain the blog or not.

Boys are back to school next week...2X yeah.

Still enjoy reading others exploits......

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Holidays start Friday at 4

Still alive but battling a calf injury that was bothering me before I went to Manitoba for my last 1/2.

I finally broke down and went and got some help from an awesome bone cracker (chiropractor) here who deals with a ton of sports injuries. The best part of going to see him was getting told to just ease back on the running (cut in 1/2) and listen to my body. Luckily, I was also able to bike all I wanted and have gotten some serious time in the saddle and racked up some miles and some callus's.

Apparently I tore some stabilizer muscle(s) in my right calf. The treatment included acupuncture (a first and now off the bucket list) with some electrical treatment and massage with some Marquis de Sade looking torture instruments.

I asked how people feel about the treatment and rehab? His reply was no surprise, athletes suck it up and ask how fast they can get back to running or biking and the others cry and complain about the pain and the extra work required to get back to 100%.

My apologies to those who cry and complain. I am not trying to single you out, but hey, suck it up!

So the holidays include an 11 km race, Dragon Boat racing, a golf tourney, a Duathlon and perhaps a day or two on the beach as well as cocktails by the pool.....and little recovery runs along the way

Enjoy your summer...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Manitoba Marathon, Part II

Last year, I received the best Fathers Day present ever. It was pretty good this year too. If you have 15 minutes or so, you can get the other side of the story too.

This will most likely be the last time I post about this. It has been an up an down year of emotions. I am proud of my accomplishment and would do it again in a heartbeat, no pun intended. I posted this quote a year ago and it holds just as true now as it did then:

I expect to pass through life but once.  If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again.  ~William Penn

Life is short, help out when you can, make a difference. This son needed his father, just like my sons do....

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Manitoba Marathon Report, everybody comes home!

Hi all, first post from the iPhone. Finished the Manitoba marathon 1/2 in 3 hours and 20+ minutes, 163/163 for age group. Had a blast, walked all the way with my new buddy after his buddy did the national anthem on harmonica. #2 son did the 10 k walk and then hung around with the new friends family and friends. Lunch was at earl's with everybody getting everybody's version of last years event. The short version for those who don't know, I ran with the fellow I did CPR on last year at this same race. It was full circle and I did real good on the fawcetts till his 12 year old son gave me a hug as we entered the the stadium for the last bit of the walk. Pretty emotional as that was the first time I met him and then shortly after met buddy's wife. We got few funny looks of the course as these two guys were dressed in fancy shoes and all the toys just walked all the way. He did not want to get a. Ap from the pacemaker so we just had a great walk. He told me it was one of his best 1/2's and probably one of his best fathers day ever. Met his sister and brother inlaw and got hugs from all and friends too. Quite a day to say the least. Best part of the day is when 2 told me after brunch how proud he was of me for doing what I did after. I was pretty proud of him too for his maturity and attitude this weekend. He is a fine young man as is his brother and no dad could ever ask for more. Hope all had a great fathers day and if a certain Minnesota follower of mine is still following my blog, congrats on your 2nd in age group in Winnipeg this weekend...great job and you absolutely killed it J..sorry I did not get a chance to meet you!!!!! Home on Tuesday,then the serious traing starts!! Time to get those extra lbs off!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

My sore arse and other amusing facts

I have been back on the bike and paying the price for not doing it earlier in the season. Me and the Zing have been putting in hill rides for the last couple of weeks and my arse is still building up callus's. Last night I warmed up for a mile then hammered out 15 hard mile 12 I had to lift off the seat to let the blood flow again (jeez did that feel good!) or I swear I was going to scream. That would have looked good because mile 12 is right by the golf course. I have this irrational fear that every time I go by there, someone is going to hook a drive and hit me...where I don't know, but it will hit me! I then cooled down for about 5 miles...not really a cool down, just more time in the saddle to beef up the cheeks. Also note how I have trained the bike to stand by itself and wait for me. Good Zing....Good!

Running has been interesting as of late. My right calf has been strained somehow and even though it does not hurt when I run, it feels really weird like my leg is going to fall off at the knee or something. I think the initial bike rides this year have something to do with this....the investigation will continue. I enjoy running in the summer as "The Boss" gets on the bike to keep me company...and I may have mentioned before, if she does not like what I have to say, she just speeds up. Win Win for her!

Off to Winnipeg next week for the 1/2. It has been quiet around here for the last 6 months or so but now the cat is back out of the bag and the phone calls have started again. For those of you who are just looking and not following and wondering "what the hell is he talking about?", please refer back to last years posts after Father Day. Needless to say,  the attention is a bit overwhelming and I know this is going to be a pretty special Fathers day for me and a new friend of mine. I don't know who is more or him? It should be an interesting race report. My life has been so surreal for the last year you would not believe it......I could not even start to imagine it was going to be like this.

Our boys are turning into men...yikes. Our oldest was asked to escort a friend from track to prom. He is 16 this year and is wearing my suit that I wore before I got married. Nice fit considering he is a bit taller than I am does time fly.

NOTE to all Men - Don't be cheap on a suit....a black wool, light pinstripe never goes out of style!

He is pretty young to be going out with the older crowd but he's a good lad with a smart head on his shoulders. You have to give out trust freely and hope it pays big dividends someday. Does he look 16 to you? He is the athlete who is playing soccer on the U18 team this year and does not look out of place. Pretty proud of him and his accomplishments.

Our younger lad completed his survival training for Air Cadets last week and had a the rain. He is going with me to Winnipeg and doing the 10k walk (truth be told, I will most likely be walking the entire 1/2). He then comes back here and goes on a 3 day canoe trip with cadets.  He definitely dances to his own drummer and also has his own fashion style. He is 13 and wearing Dads shoes because he is growing out of his so damn fast. He is going to be a monster and I think it costs us $100 every time one of the boys walks by the fridge!

I am constantly amazed at how much the boys are different and alike at the same time. I love them both so much! So have a great weekend folks. I'll put out a post race report from Winnipeg after Fathers Day as this weekend is going to be running, biking, running around and more running around. If anyone is racing this weekend....good luck and bon chance!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

You don't raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if it's just in your own eyes. ~Walter M. Schirra, Sr.

Today is a big day at our house. We now have 2 teenagers. I am so proud of both our boys and all of their accomplishments.

It is said that the bad habits or things you don't like about yourself are personified in your kids....well this one and I are so much alike. He makes me insane because he definitely dances to his own drummer.....right from day one. How many kids (boys) do you know that have grown their hair out 12 inches 3 times for "Angel Hair for Kids"? Messy as hell, heart of gold.

Happy 13th son, I love you buddy!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat. ~Ann Landers

No hidden meaning there folks, just liked the quote. As I may have mentioned at one time or another, I don't perspire, I sweat!

Slept in this morning. Decided to "allow" myself a morning to roll/stretch around in bed like a cat in a sunbeam for an extra hour. Pushed really heard the last 3 days so I took the evening off from the bike and caught the early Avengers in 3D with son #2 (the BOSS was there too but with the girls). We thought it was good...over the top, but good. We then went home and watched War about bouncing from one reality to another. We would have saved that for another night but the movie had to get back to a friend. I enjoyed both but am a sucker for animals.

6-7 miles of running on the radar for tonight. No bike as the tush needs a break and the business of life trumps everything. The BOSS is doing a 12 hour today, son #1 has soccer most of the day with school then a 6:30 practice tonight. There are no U16/17 competitive soccer teams locally this year so he is playing U18 at 16...and does not look out of place at all. In between school and practice he has to cut a lawn for one of his contracts. Needless to say, he had a big "sigh" at all on his plate today.....I of course consoled him with a "poor baby" and a "suck it up buttercup" pep talk. Welcome to the real world of responsibility son! Mind you, he was a bit tired after track and field yesterday....he handily won the 800/1500m and placed 2nd in the 300m hurdles (he was taking it easy as the 1500 was 20 minutes after) and will move on to the next level in the district to try and make provincials. He will have his hands full.

Son #2 has promotion night tonight at Air Cadets. He is pretty excited since he figures he will be moving up a rank. I am glad he has found his niche. We are looking forward to being there to see it but it will take some skilful scheduling to do it. We also find out more about camp tonight. He will be doing 10 days with the squad in July and he can't wait.

I have added 2 more events to my schedule this summer. The Great Raisin River race for the 2nd year, 11 km run and the Cornwall Triathlon a week after where I will do the Du for the 3rd year in a row. The folks running the triathlon show are ordering 30 sets of unique logo'd triathlete wear (tops and compression shorts) ...and I was one of the first to order so that should be pretty sweet when those get in.

On another note, received a letter in the mail from the Manitoba marathon folks with a refund for my entry form. I am now an invited guest...who knew? Would be really sweet if that tri wear is in by then. One can only hope.

Hope everybody has a great long weekend. A friend of mine called me up last week and told his son had to duck out of going to Toronto for a Jays game Saturday...and could I go instead. Who am I to say no to dogs and beer on a Saturday afternoon????? All I know is there will be some a long run and a long bike in store for me when I get back.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

One may go a long way after one is tired. ~French Proverb

I have dragged my sore(y) arse out of bed for the last 4 out of 5 mornings at 5:30 am and put some tired miles in.

What's a tired mile you ask?

Well, it's miles first thing in the morning after a previous nights bike ride (hence the sore arse) with no fueling before or during the run.


I have found during any type of race, "my" biggest challenge is mental. And as the runs get longer, the war between myself and the Alter Ego (AE) becomes huge. AE the naysayer was hiding for awhile but has come back full force since I started tired miles again.

AE: Go back to bed man, it's 5:30 in the am

Me: Got to do it, the pain is worth the gain

AE: Dumbass...or should I say soreass. If you listened to me, you'd wouldn't be squirming, trying to find a spot that doesn't hurt when you sit

Me: Bye Bye AE, gotta run 

On a happy note, I have dropped below 200 lbs for the first time since last summer. After hurting the ITB, I took solace in the fridge.....that, I am happy to say has stopped and I also cut out all snacking in the evening. Beer, by the way, is not a snack. When the monks fast, they can still drink beer. And if that's good enough for them, it's good enough for me.

Enjoyed getting back on the bike again. Will take a few more rides to get the callus's on the butt built up but it will be worth it. I know one is not supposed to worry about weight (look at the inches...right) but it is a nice measure of the effort I am putting in these days.....and lighter is faster.

On a sad note, I am off to a funeral today. A former colleague and mentor passed away from lung cancer last week. When he was first diagnosed, he was given 6 months. He made it 3 1/2 years. Unfortunately for me, I let politics get in the way of our friendship for about 3 years or so. It was a bad time at work and sadly, I took a stance that was 180 degrees different than his. I have no regrets about this because it is healthy to have differing viewpoints......and the last time I talked to him, Remembrance Day 2011, my 2nd son was on parade with Cadets. He was ex Air Force himself and was tickled that my son was taking part in the ceremonies. He then mentioned that he still remembered when our 1st son was born and of how proud I was. He had access to a colour printer (a big deal at that time) and I had my newborn son's picture on disk. He printed up a picture for me as I was away from home for 4 weeks with just a jpeg. I still have that paper picture of my son. I am so glad he reminded me of that day. It made all the bad between us dissolve and we buried the hatchet. I am a better person and Instructor for knowing him. Thanx Brian.

Finally, speaking of tired miles, Southern Ontario has been swamped with a ton of these guys. Admiral butterflies were pushed north in a big wind from Texas. I was lucky to get some great pictures of this one as he followed me around, landed on my shoe and stayed still for his portrait. For whatever reason, I love their erratic flight-paths and will to get to wherever they are going, even if they don't know where that is....maybe we are kindred spirits?


Monday, May 7, 2012

Nice Weekend

Had an awesome weekend.

10.5 miles before most people were out of bed Saturday followed by installing a new washer and dryer, cleaning up the garage and going to a family fun day at cadets with son #2.

Sunday was a 4 miler on a stiff frame but it had to get done to loosen up for a day of major yard work. Weed patrol, grass cutting, planning and re-planning landscaping for this year, patio set-up, etc...all that is left is the pool but it's not quite warm enough for that yet.

No Kona Zing this weekend :(

Hope to be out riding by mid week but if there's rain coming, I'll stick to the running.

Funny thing on Saturdays run. I went by my old hood and in passing, chatted with an neighbor across the street. He said, "your still running?". it is some kind of fad or something? It made me think that I have been running with a purpose for almost 2 years now.....and I can't imagine it not being a part of my existence on this rock.

Funny how life "just" happens sometimes.

Have a great week all!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Toys for Troglodytes

I decided to step into the real I have a new Apple iphone 4S with a data package and all the bells and whistles. Gone is my cool flip phone that the boys laughed at when I tried to text anything more than 1 line.

It is so cool to see how jealous our sons are...heeheheheeee. This is the best part of parenting. I get such a kick out of how they try to justify them getting one....I especially like the one where they tell me "we" have the money for it and I tell them, "I" have the money, "You" have none!

I have also had to explain to them that it is a want and not a need...and therefore, they have to keep their mitts off my toy at the risk of death....and that Dad needed (wanted) a toy that didn't involve me spending money on them: re: see this post. I also added in the cost to replace the front window that took a golf ball to it (boys will be boys), messy rooms, the need for better grades at school...all the regular parenting stuff.

Fell out of bed Thursday morning at 5:26 am exactly....popped of 6.32 miles in the misty rain. It was a beautiful quiet run on the bike path. Have made the decision that if I am awake, I am going.....for the most part. I had great intentions to go this morning but it just felt tooo good to lay in bed for that extra 1/2 hr. I bargained to do 2 long runs this weekend. Both the left and right half of my brain are tough negotiators!

So how many out there use an iphone for training? Applicable Apps? Extra's? Please let me know. I currently use the Garmin 305 for most everything but I do like gadgets and if using the phone has advantages, I would like to know what works for you.....but please note, I do not perspire, I sweat. So if this thing can't handle that, I will stick with the tried and true 305.

Bringing out the Kona Zing this weekend as the temps are supposed to be...wait, iphone says 18 deg C for both I listen to the Eagles "Take it Easy", text my sons and facetime my wife.

Gotta luv it......shawn leaps into the 90's!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Run for MS Race Report

To put it all in perspective, I was happy with my result.


14 second slower pace than last year but,

  • I am about 10 - 12 lbs heavier than I was last year
  • Was cold and windy Saturday morning
  • That cold wind was in my face for the out leg (course is an out and back)
When you finally get out of the wind, the last 2 miles is hilly. I held my 7:55 per mile pace for almost the whole race till about the last 3 miles and then I was done. Just wore out at the end.

Bonus - No IT issues, no other pain.

Other Bonus - # 2 son did a PB in the 5 k run. 19:16 to end up 7th out of 226 and 4th in his age group. I mentioned to him that he could be awesome if he trained a little harder. More talent sports wise than he knows what to do with.

So a good race, sets up well for training this summer. I should be able to drop the lbs in the near future as next week I will be doing a run and a bike everyday.

Now...if I can just stay away from the trough....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf. ~Jon Kabat-Zinn

Box of stuff to go through today

Big discussion here these days about ebikes. The owners of these vehicles love to drive them on our Waterfront Trail. It is used by runners, cyclists, families out for a stroll, etc...A few of the big issues I have are their speed and silence. Nothing scares the hell out of you worse than one of these suckers whistling by you at 25-30 mph with zero warning. I don't think I would want to be a parent out with a stroller having to deal with that. 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure....have you seen the latest obesity rates for Canada and the United States? 1 in 4 Canadians and  1 in 3  Americans are clinically obese...and it's rising. I wonder if there is any correlation to ebike sales?

I am far from perfect...I have fallen off the food ledge several times in the last few months but have finally decided to go back to moderation as a solution. Having a  high blood pressure measurement will do that to you......and when you record your weight after every run, it's even more motivation. I also know my ITB issues last summer had to do with my "I run, I can eat whatever I want attitude!"...FAIL, does not work like that.

Speaking of high blood pressure, probably had something to do with this years NHL playoff reffing. Worst I have seen in years. No consistency at all, much like my dedication to training at the end of last year. With that being said, my miles and attitude have both seen a marked increase to the positive.

Race this Saturday, "Run for MS".....hope it's nicer weather than yesterday and today. Mind you, I did do the Winterman this February and it's much warmer than that. 3-6 on the slate for today in the wind and the rain.

Have tried to comment on a few blogs but find I am having issues finding the comment button(s). So Coy, way to go on winning your age group at your triathlon....and just because I don't comment on blogs, doesn't mean I don't read them (does that make me a creeper? nasty little word isn't it?)....and quietly thank the stars that I am not the only crazy person on this earth.

Fun to be blogging again. Somewhere along the road I made the realization that everything I write here does not have to be profound or earth shattering.

Friday, April 20, 2012

MasterCard Commercial Opportunity!!!

What an awesome Hockey game we went to Wednesday night in Ottawa.

Drive Cornwall /Ottawa return - 3 Hrs and $30 gas

Parking - $15

Game Tickets - $297

Supper at Scotiabank Place - $85

Snacks and Refreshments - $50

Sens Jersey and Goalie Mask for #2 son (pre bday present)- $235

Giving your sons the memory of being in the televised intro for the Coast to Coast, Hockey Night  in Canada game night, having the youngest shout the last line before everybody yells "Hockey Night in Canada" and your team winning in OT,  3-2 in front of 20,000+ screaming, yelling, jumping, crazy Senators fans......


(on in the first minute of the link, commercial fist and then it takes a second to load ...# 1 son behind and to the right of the lady who does the 3rd line, I'm behind and to the left of the Ranger fan who does the 4th line but I am on the first crowd scan wearing my hat and # 2 Son behind the mask)

Long run planned in the rain for tomorrow...have a nice weekend all.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's just a Hop, Skip and a Jump

Has been awhile, been very, very, very busy.....

Did the Winterman in Ottawa in Feb, quite pleased with my time as my training had not been the greatest....but I was fit enough to do this at about mile 12....I have never bought a race photo before but I figured this one might be worth it.

Spent most of the days before (and the week after) the run helping the wife get around as she had gotten her ACL surgically repaired as well as her meniscus cleaned up. In retrospect, I'm lucky I didn't join her on the crutches. As for the Boss, I am very happy to say she is working her ass off in re-hab and is way ahead of schedule. She had 6 weeks off work after the surgery but did/does 3-4 stints off exercises every day when she is not doing a 12 hour shift (she only does 2 iterations on those days). Sometimes she just rides her bike with me while I run. She likes it......and if I say something she doesn't like, she just speeds up so:

  1. I can't talk as I need every breath to keep my pace, or
  2. She can't hear me when she is 10 feet ahead
Call it a perfect fit, it works for us.

During that 6 weeks off, we took a March break vacation to Myrtle Beach where we hit unseasonably warm spring temps. This allowed me to run on the beach 6 mornings in a row. Awesome trip to say the least and just what the Dr. ordered.

Will do a local run here in 11 days, Run to End MS. Should be a good one as I have been back in a groove for running and the IT has been good. Just have to loose the extra helpings I have had at the trough.

Signed up for 2 1/2's and 1 full this year. Heading back to Winnipeg to run the Manitoba Marathon 1/2 (Fathers Day). If you are a follower since my last trip out there, you know it should be say the least.

Am also doing the Army 1/2 again in Ottawa, a great run and done in September when the temps are cooler. Last for sure is the County Marathon (full) in Prince Edward County around Sandbanks Provincial Park. Again, done when it's cooler in October. I figure to be about 15 -18 pounds lighter than I am now for that run so my summer training will be running in the mornings and on the bike in the evenings.

Our 16 yr old son's brains have officially fallen out, only 2-5 years until he gets them back. Apparently it is medically proven that teenagers are dumber than a bag of hammers when it comes to reasoning things out. Their brains are in such a state of change that they're boneheads. Our 13 year old still has his brains but is going to be a monster. 3 lbs lighter and 4 inches shorter than his brother. It's about a $100 touch every time they look at the fridge...yikes!!! I will be really scared when his brains fall out.

As somebody mentioned in another blog, this is a good place to brag about your kids. As much as I am sarcastic about them sometimes, I love them to bits. Both are receiving hockey awards this weekend based on what their coaches seen. Very proud parents will be in attendance Sunday.

Lastly, will be heading to Ottawa tonight night to catch hockey playoff game 4 between he Sens and the Rangers. Both boys are going with me so it should be fun as Scotiabank place was pretty rocking Monday night.

Go Sens Go!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Go Giants...and pass the wings please!

I have been absent, working will do that

I entered 2 1/2 marathons today (The Army Run in Ottawa, ON, Dezine 1/2 in Winnipeg, MB.) and 1 full marathon (The County Run in Picton, ON.)

The rest of my runs this year will be on a "if i feel like it" basis

I am doing the "Winterman" 1/2 in Ottawa, ON. on Feb 19th,( cause I feel like it) -  Jamoosh, send warm weather please but not after I skate on the Rideau Canal tomorrow and have a beaver tail.

I will have to hurry home after the race as my wife will have had knee surgery on the 17th. Not having the 1st surgery after blowing her knee out rounding 2nd base 8 years ago finally caught up to her when she did it again on a trampoline last summer.....this time the knife is coming out!

Our youngest was promoted to Lead Air Cadet and participated in a biathlon finishing 36th out of 51. Very proud to say he is ours

Our oldest son has made the U18 local soccer team since there is no U16 or U17 team. He does not look out of place playing with them. He is 16 in 2 months....holy crap Batman

Plan on running today and this weekend...will then retire to the bar I made a few years back to enjoy the game (please keep the laughing to a minimum about my "Porn Stache" as one female called it!).

As you can see, I am a bit of a football fan. When I built this bar, I sent this picture along with a hand written note to every NFL team explaining that I was a big fan and I was looking for memorabilia for the bar. It was unbelievable what I got (autographs, coasters, posters, autographed Rams ball, etc...). needless to say, there have been a few pints quaffed at this watering hole......and this year, my xmas present was a new 40 Sony Bravia for my Man Cave...yippeeeeeee ...should be a great game with friends and food/beer galore.

Giants by 2 in a nail biter, enjoy the game

Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Bits

Definition of MARGINALIZE
transitive verb
: to relegate to an unimportant or powerless position within a society or group

Definition of RATIONALIZE
transitive verb
1: to bring into accord with reason or cause something to seem reasonable: as

a : to substitute a natural for a supernatural explanation of <rationalize a myth>

b : to attribute (one's actions) to rational and creditable motives without analysis of true and especially unconscious motives <rationalized his dislike of his brother> ; broadly : to create an excuse or more attractive explanation for <rationalize the problem>

Have you ever been marginalized?

I have been “marginalized” twice in the last week. Once for some actions and once for the type of work I do.

In both cases, the people marginalizing then decided to tell me how they rationalized their thinking. This in turn caused me to label them as idiots and of course, any credibility they may have had with me went South.

I mean, it’s not like I haven’t been marginalized once or twice in my life, who hasn’t? But the arrogance to tell me why is unbelievable. Have these people never learned the golden rule: If you can’t say something nice to someone, don’t say it at all.

So what did I do?

Nothing/Nada/Zip. Smiled and nodded my head. Bobble head Shawn.

Why? Because in my world, they are not the centre of the universe….whereas in their own, they are. That and I absolutely refuse to parry with an unarmed opponent. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

Glad I got in 6 ½ miles last night because the forecast is for sloppy weather this weekend…snow/rain/sleet…..which means wet sloppy runs…yippee he yelled in his happiest manner…NOT.

Cold, wet and windy is not my idea of joy. But then again, I could probably marginalize the effect of the weather and some how rationalize running in it!

Have a great weekend….see the Bengals upsetting the Texans and the Falcons coming thru over the Giants.

BTW - Happy 100 posts to me

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who have tattoos, and those who are afraid of people with tattoos. ~Author Unknown

I have no tattoo's...that puts me on the afraid side.

In a very rare occurrence, I went with my wife to a movie last night. I say rare, because we went on cheapie Tuesday night. I always feel like a cow in a cattle car when everybody is out to save a buck. Makes me nuts milling about with the rest of the herd, especially when they don't know where they are going. I just start thinking, "Lord take me now"!

With that said, we watched “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. Definitely not a movie for kids as it carries a +18 rating. I enjoyed the story and was never bored….but there were more than a few scenes that had my mind reeling and my wife going “Holy Crap”!!!!.

I think I will have to start reading the series as I always seem to get way more that way than the cliff notes movie.

One of the interesting things I noticed during the movie was how easy information about you, your family, your life, etc can be accessed by people with certain skills in our digital age.

I reflected this back to blogging and realize that as much as we may want to be anonymous with our personal information, we can’t control it all the time. I mean, anybody who can use a keyboard can figure out my info pretty quick if they want even though I keep most of my personal info off the blog.

Does this bother you? I try to keep all my running stuff separate from the rest of my life. I don’t even know if my wife has ever looked at my blog (I have offered to show her...) or has just said that’s your business….maybe like a personal journal or something. Just curious as to how others feel about anonymity?

Random Notes:

Warming up to -8 °C here this afternoon with just a hint of wind. Means make supper when I get home and then head out for a 6-7 miler. This seems to be my normal run, day in and day out. I have a ½ coming in Feb and will soon have to make a somewhat concrete training plan….or not.

Most of our big movie rental chains are gone here. This may mean I might be grazing with the herd more in the future than I want to…or not.

My Raiders bit the big one last week even after KC helped them as best they could. It means I will have to cheer for some other team…or not.

Lastly, one of my other runner brothers posted this on his facebook page. It is definitely him to a tee and even I find myself doing this once in awhile (thank-you runnersworld).

Have a great evening….and hey, it’s only 76 days to the first day of spring!