Thursday, December 29, 2011

pot•pour•ri : a miscellaneous collection

It is cold here…with the wind chill, it feels like -27 °C ( -17 °F). That sucks because I am allergic to the cold…no kidding, look up “cold induced urticaria”. Got really sick a few years back and one of the side effects was this allergy. 


I think my weather widget is broken, or maybe the person at the controls is frozen cause it's freakin' -27 outside.


I am making turkey soup tonight, nothing is safe in the fridge!


I may do a treadmill run while boiling the turkey carcass….or I may not.


I don’t make new years resolutions…ever. I just try to be a better person every year.


I am amazed with the number of female bloggers vs male bloggers. I think we are outnumbered 5 or 10-1 or more. Does this mean male bloggers are more in touch with their feminine side?


I am running the Winterman in Ottawa in February…I hate being defined by my allergy. Stubborn or stupid, take your pick.


My in-laws came for Christmas this year. 4 days worked out about right for everybody.


It is real quiet at work right now…..I could probably hear a mouse fart at 100 yards…not that I’d want to or anything…’s just that quiet.


My wife loved the Turkish bathrobe I got her for Christmas. She could hide most of the family in it and it weighs about 30 lbs. You could pretty much just get out of the tub and crawl into it and be bone dry in seconds. I also got it monogrammed in case she forgets who she is….or we do.


I hate speakerphones… pain in the ass.


When I eat ju-jubes, all the yellows are first, greens are second, then orange, then a toss up between the reds or blacks, depends on my mood that day.


How do you eat an elephant? One piece at a time.


Next month will be 20 years with my company. I am still amazed at how fast it has gone.


My 15 year old now looks me in the eye, and yikes, the 12 year old is not far behind.


I did not get as much time on the bike this year as I wanted to. ITB injury will do that. I will be smarter in 2012 when running in the heat and humidity.


I hate excuses….man up (or woman up) to your mistakes, apologize if you have to, and carry on.


Do people build fences to keep others out or keep themselves in?


Adios 2011, bring on 2012…and carry on.


Jamoosh said...

"...nothing is safe in the fridge!"

Love it!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

"man up (or woman up) to your mistakes" or both if you're in touch with your feminine side - Happy New Year!

Coy Martinez said...

Ok, just when I found one thing to comment on I realized that there were 10 more things :)

Interesting aspect on the fences. I'm a fence builder. I build them to keep people out which is ironic since I blog.

The bath robe sounds neat. I kinda want one now. Also sounds warm which comes in handy this time of year.

I feel your literal pain with the ITB. Had it last year. Feel it coming on again. Grrr.

Kate said...

In my opinion, anyone who needs a fence to keep them in isn't worth hanging onto anyway.

Both my older boys are taller than I am, even when I'm wearing 3" heels, and I'm 5'10". Crazy. Yesterday at the doctor's, he thought my 17 year old was 25...and yes, he does look that old. It's not unusual for us to be mistaken for siblings.

Caroline said...

jujubes! the other day I used that word..nobody knew what I was talking about!!!

no resolution for me either..cannot stand it...I like you just try to do better each year

happy new year!

Christi said...

I love this post!

Teamarcia said...

I'd say you have the perfect excuse to move to a tropical locale.
Typically I'm way too lazy to do the whole turkey carcass boiling thing and take the broth in a box shortcut.
Happy New Year!

The Unexpected Runner said...