Thursday, December 29, 2011

pot•pour•ri : a miscellaneous collection

It is cold here…with the wind chill, it feels like -27 °C ( -17 °F). That sucks because I am allergic to the cold…no kidding, look up “cold induced urticaria”. Got really sick a few years back and one of the side effects was this allergy. 


I think my weather widget is broken, or maybe the person at the controls is frozen cause it's freakin' -27 outside.


I am making turkey soup tonight, nothing is safe in the fridge!


I may do a treadmill run while boiling the turkey carcass….or I may not.


I don’t make new years resolutions…ever. I just try to be a better person every year.


I am amazed with the number of female bloggers vs male bloggers. I think we are outnumbered 5 or 10-1 or more. Does this mean male bloggers are more in touch with their feminine side?


I am running the Winterman in Ottawa in February…I hate being defined by my allergy. Stubborn or stupid, take your pick.


My in-laws came for Christmas this year. 4 days worked out about right for everybody.


It is real quiet at work right now…..I could probably hear a mouse fart at 100 yards…not that I’d want to or anything…’s just that quiet.


My wife loved the Turkish bathrobe I got her for Christmas. She could hide most of the family in it and it weighs about 30 lbs. You could pretty much just get out of the tub and crawl into it and be bone dry in seconds. I also got it monogrammed in case she forgets who she is….or we do.


I hate speakerphones… pain in the ass.


When I eat ju-jubes, all the yellows are first, greens are second, then orange, then a toss up between the reds or blacks, depends on my mood that day.


How do you eat an elephant? One piece at a time.


Next month will be 20 years with my company. I am still amazed at how fast it has gone.


My 15 year old now looks me in the eye, and yikes, the 12 year old is not far behind.


I did not get as much time on the bike this year as I wanted to. ITB injury will do that. I will be smarter in 2012 when running in the heat and humidity.


I hate excuses….man up (or woman up) to your mistakes, apologize if you have to, and carry on.


Do people build fences to keep others out or keep themselves in?


Adios 2011, bring on 2012…and carry on.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Go the extra mile. It's never crowded. ~Author Unknown

I had thought I was done with blogging but something has pulled me back. Maybe I do have something to offer and maybe I do need an outlet to voice my opinions and thoughts. Just maybe when I feel like it…. instead of putting myself on a schedule…so look for one out of the blue now and again.

I actually went to my company Christmas party this year, first time in about 8 years.

I was seated with 3 co-workers from the same department but not in the same day to day job. It took all of 5 seconds after being introduced to 1 of the spouses for the “Event” to come up.

For those of you who do not know or have not followed this blog, I was running a ½ marathon in Winnipeg, Manitoba on Fathers day last year when a runner collapsed on the course. I stopped, did a bit of CPR, and then finished my race. Apparently this is not a common thing for a runner to do. All joking aside, it was quite the experience. If you want more detail, check this post.

But back to the party…..

My co-worker who was introducing me made a few confessions while he was introducing;

1. He has always assumed he would never use those skills he learned at first aid so he has always wondered why he should get re-certified every 3 years and

2.  Even with the training, he would still be hesitant to use his skills and

3. He wonders if he would have stopped (I have heard this from many people, they don’t know if they would have stopped) and

4. When he heard the story, he told me he walked a bit taller and prouder as I was a member of “His” department.

I was surprised to say the least. I guess you really don’t know what people think of you sometimes and then they come out and say things you never expected.

 I have made the comment to a few people that I am no longer an anonymous runner.  The “Event” has been covered in the papers, my company newsletter, radio etc. One of those people I said this to, was the runner I did CPR on. He and I talked for about an hour last week. He is a really nice guy who is a runner’s runner. He had done a few sub 3 hr marathons so he was not an unfit runner.  We both know how lucky he is, how all the holes in the Swiss cheese lined up to ensure he is still with us, as sadly, some runners did not make it this year when in the same situation. He is slowly adjusting to a new life. His times are not quite as important to him as they were before. He still runs, albeit slower so the pacemaker doesn’t zap him (and he has had a few zaps). He has also learned to step back a bit and see the bigger picture. He and I and a few others will be running the ½ in Winnipeg in 2012, and we don’t care how long it takes, we will do it for the joy of running.

With that said, I was glad I took it easy at the party. I was out for my Sunday run in -12 °C and sometime during the 6.5 miles, I reached my goal of 1200 miles for the year. Nice to have a goal and I was glad to reach that milestone on such a beautiful sunny crisp morning. I had my doubts a month or so back when I took some time off running to regroup and reload, glad I did.

So I wish you all happy holidays.  And during the craziness of the season when you get cut off, flipped off, told off…..remember what’s really important, Family, Friends and those in need. Go the extra mile, you will never regret it!