Sunday, September 4, 2011

T minus 9

I have had a weird summer...started with Fathers Day craziness and went on from there. 

As a runner, an athlete, a father, a son, a brother, an uncle, an aunt, a human being.....I have been given the ultimate Fathers Day honour...more on that to follow in my last 9 posts. You will have to wait as it is just not my nature to crow.

Do you wash your shoes? I just washed 3 pairs with Sunlight and a bit of bleach...the Asics Gels look brand new after 700 miles (they are now my walkers) ...amazing...and much less smelly!

The reason for the washing....a run with 6 river/water crossings the day after our Dragon Boat race. Good for me they put ropes across the crossings for me....glub, glub!

Did 9 yesterday...only issues were phantom IT band pain, just seemed like it.

Did I mention its been a weird summer?

ps.....I am in a state of "holy crap", go here and lament with the rest of us


Kate said...

You have me very curious.

That race sounds awesome!

And...I know...:(

Shawn said...
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Johann said...

Yes, I'm wondering a lot after reading your post. I never wash my shoes. I'll need to do it so often that it won't be good so I just leave it. Keep it going!

Coy Martinez said...

I havent washed my shoes before. I take that back, I've washed my Vibrams but never sneakers. I think they might smell worse if I did. Does that sound odd?