Thursday, August 4, 2011

Don't be discouraged. It's often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock. ~Author Unknown

ITB vs. TFL, winner take all !!!

Howdy Folks. I have had 1 run over 5 miles in the last 7 weeks. Yesterday 2.25 barely qualified as a run....before the dreaded knee pain kicked in.

I have tried most everything for the ITB. Ice, rest, anti-inflammatory, rolling/massage, stretching, new shoes, and more rest. I am frustrated but not giving up!

I am now moving onto the TFL (hip flexor) cure. I am going to try and rest until this 11 km race on Sunday and until then am going to follow a regime of:

  • 2000 mg of Vitamin C daily
  • 10 mini massages per day, 30 seconds each, starting at the middle of the ITB to the knee and then middle to the TFL
  • Continue stretching
  • Up my water intake
  • Chant
  • Burn Incense
  • Learn me a Witch Doctor dance if all else fails
I know, I know, I know.... a part of me is saying to go get professional help...but I am afraid I will hear that age old conversation:

Me: It hurts when I run
Dr. : Then don't run
AE: Told ya they'd say that dumbass! Start dancing!

On my last post, I tossed in 43 pictures of my Saturday bike ride (no pain doing that!)...brain overload and I think if you skipped thru and did not see this picture (click to enlarge), my question at the end made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

I’m thinkin that’s a long ride home....but he kept his promise....and thats gotta be love!

Any other ideas for the wounded whale?


Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Go get a gait analysis and see what might be causing the ITB/Hip issues. My guess is that your form is off and it needs to be fixed. Good luck. Also, when I had ITB issues, I tried shortening my stride and it helped a lot. Foam rolling also helped(get a roller from tptherapy that does not break down)

Kate said...

Ok, now the question makes sense. :) That's a pretty impressive commitment to her wishes.

I know you know this, bit go to the dr. If it's just a case of getting older, then you know where you are and can work to alleviate symptoms while still running. If there's something that needs to be addressed, better to do it sooner than later.

Jill said...

I procrastinated a doctor for my heel pain for a year and then I couldn't even walk when I finally went. My podiatrist was an ass (he's a huge ultra runner so I thought he'd be understanding....hahah); but eventually I found someone who found the SOURCE to my problems, not just slapping a Bandaid on it for a temp fix. I'm guessing it's a muscle imbalance which a good running PT could help determine. Find out the source!!! Good luck!!

Char said...

Go get professional help!! Preferably from an addicted runner-type professional.

And thanks for the comment on my blog - you made me and hubby laugh.

Johann said...

Agree that it is probably an imbalance. The right pro will sort this out for you. I was lucky years ago mine was fixed by changing shoes. All the best and hang in there!

Laura said...

See a 'proper' sports med guy. My guy would never tell me to stop running...he wants me to run so he does what he can to fix me out. It is torturous massage sessions but they work.

Coy Martinez said...

I'm right there with you! I did a trail half marathon yesterday and my IT pain came back in a big way about mile 9! I was so mad, spent the rest of the race mostly alternating between slow jogging and hiking. I think I have an imbalance of some sort. The only relief I get is from slowing down, A LOT! Have you tried running but about 2 minutes slower than your normal pace? I bought a cho-pat strap and that helps too!