Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What a maroon, what an ignoramus.....Bugs Bunny

Ahhhhhh, the joys of self diagnosis.

What a maroon I are, what an ignoramus I is!!!!

I always learn in the end but sometimes I am as short sighted as the next person (you know who you are).

Note to SELF: When doing self diagnosis, look at the big picture.

ITB Self Diagnosis/Cure Myself Checklist:

Knee Pain, check
Painful going Up and Downstairs, check
Tight ITB requiring Massage X 2, check
Lotsa ICE, Foam Rolling and R&R, check
Checking Running Shoes for Wear, check (4 pairs in rotation)
Staying off Cambered (uneven) Surfaces, check

Not thinking about wearing SANDALS with no support and being a heel well as my CASUAL SHOES that I wear to work that have worn out heels.....and being far too stupid to figure out that that is what is killing my ITB by putting undue exterior stress on it as I walk around the building during coffee breaks doing an average of 2.5 miles a day, MAJOR FAIL.

Once again, what a maroon I is, what an ignoramus I are.


2 pairs of casual shoes in the garbage, 2 new pairs of Sketchers and within 2 days, I am walking pain free.

Ran/walked 2 miles on Monday, stopping in between miles for a stretch.

Ran/Walked 3.65 miles last night with a stop for a stretch. No sharp stabbing pain......just the cathartic pain of knowing I was a dumbass and using a muscle that has been self abused for 6 that a crime?

Note to myself and anybody else out there that this might help......if you do self diagnosis, make sure you look at the big picture and include every piece of footwear you own. I have kept the sandals for the beach but that's it. The rest of the summer will be in lightly used running shoes that give a bit better support.

I actually slept through the entire night last night.....thank-you Sketchers, thank-you.

And on that happy note,

I am now back on a training plan to drop 5-15 unwanted friends off my frame (curse you Swedish Fish, curse you!!!) and getting ready for an August Duathlon.....I won't be doing this anytime soon....mind you, I may sneak in an 11 km road race in a couple of weeks from now.....and that makes me happy, happy, happy....but still a maroon!!!

Have a great humpday everyone (and don't forget to check your shoes!!!!!).


Teamarcia said...

You learn quickly for a 'maroon'! :D
I'm impressed you think of that extra poundage as 'friends'. I'm not nearly that cordial toward mine.

Christi said...

Thanks for the reminder about the big picture. I often overlook that!

Coy Martinez said...

I'm glad that you're leg is feeling better. It's funny how "in the box" we think about running.

With my IT Band it feels like a boyfriend who's lying to me to my face but I find out the truth through a friend (running). I loved your checklist. I have no pain up and down stairs, or while walking, I can even run for various distances with no pain, I can massage the area with no pain. SUCH A MYSTERY! Last Saturday I got to mile 10 and it started to burn on the outside of my knee. Don't get it AT ALL! I roll three times a day, I stretch multiple times a day. Sometimes I just wanna throw my hands in the air. Sigh.

I know what you mean about NYC being expensive. $200 smacks. Must be a steep price to put on that marathon!

Laura said... least you figured it out and it was a relatively easy fix.
Big picture? Forget it...I focus on one small thing and make it big...

Emz said...

pounds = friends.

I must remember that. ;)

YAY for felling better. Love the cat face. :)

Char said...

So great that you finally had the lightbulb moment. How good does it feel to be pain-free?!!

Johann said...

I had a similar experience a few months ago when I got a fractured toe in the Comrades Marathon. In the en it was caused by old work shoes as well as old, retired running shoes and not by any of the shoes I currently run in.