Friday, July 15, 2011

There's a first time for everything......Q & A with Shawn

I have been tagged with the Q & A deal currently sweeping the blog world by Jenn...and how could I say no to her? Well I could but I'll play till I get the heebie jeebie's as I am somewhat of a hermit when it comes to personal stuff....

I don't quite know what I have to offer the running/blog world but I am willing to throw out a few nuggets of info if anybody is that interested. The only thing that is off limits (the pic lies I tell you, lies!!!)  is personal family info...most everything else about me is pretty much fair game.

Please note though, I am growley....I have not run in almost a month due to IT issues (self diag of course) but I did get in 10 miles on the bike yesterday that made me half way nice to be around to day...I pity my poor family.

I also will tag these 3 fine folks

Jamoosh who loves beer and more beer and is always a refreshing pleasure to read
Krystyna  (I think she is an old traveling soul with a new blog ...just send her a few questions and see what happens ...oh to be young again ...and she may not know she has been tagged so go easy please)
Kate who always has witty comments on my ramblings and likes my header pic

So there ya at will.....keep it above the belt...unlike Q today...but hey buddy, been there, done that!!!

btw...I now owe you Jenn!!!


Kate said...

Wow, two tags in one day AND you called me "witty". :) I'll play...with my own little spin on it, of course. long have you been running? What made you start? What sports did you play in high school? Who would be your free pass person (you know, the person you could hook up with with no repercussions from your spouse...not that you would, of course)?

BTW, love your header pic!

Char said...

What's your most embarrassing running moment?

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I like Kate's "Free Pass" question.

If your hobby could be your job - would you do it?

Jim ... 50after40 said...

How many days to you take as recovery after a race?

Caroline said...

do you speak any French?

who is yout favorite hockey team?

Gretzky or Howe?

Do you like poutine?

who would you like to meet?

see how nice I am with easy not too personal questions!!!

I am playing that Q&A also over at my blog

Chris K said...

1) Why do you live in Canada where it is so damn cold?
2) Where was the pic taken in your header?
3) How did you become a Raiders fan?
4) Since you are a Raiders fan are you also a gang member?
5) Did you learn about the Raiders when you were in prison or something?

Coy Martinez said...

What's your dream race??