Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Deep Massage, Golf Balls, and Rolling Pins or should I call it “Me, Myself and Irene, Part II?

If you have never seen “Me, Myself and Irene”, do yourself a favour and rent it.  No matter how down things get sometimes, this movie always make me laugh.

I have not run for 3 ½ weeks. This sucks!!!!!
Ahhhh..but there may be hope yet.....

To recap: My last Marathon was the ½ in Winnipeg, June 19th.  I got 6 ½ miles in and the IT Band went kersnap...or should I say twang. I spent the next 2 weeks internally screaming when I walked up and down stairs, and pretty much any other time I was on my feet.

Being the Manly Man I am, but not the real Manly Man, I did my own research on what to do. Hello GOOGLE.

There are more articles on IT Bands and IT Band rehab than you can shake a stick at. I picked a few out and of course diagnosed myself with an IT Band problem. I then proceeded to be a cheap Manly Man and bought a rolling pin (about the same time The “BOSS” was rolling her eyes) to ”ease” my sore IT Band. This did somewhat work...but not real great.

The next step was the massage. I finally broke down and agreed that perhaps all those massage Fantasy’s stories I had heard through the grapevine were all lies and maybe it really would help.  I had someone recommended to me through work. She did a great job and did agree it was an IT Band issue and that it appeared not to be chronic.....IE: no IT Band syndrome, just a really tight IT. She also lied to me instead of calling me a moron told me the rolling pin had helped starting to loosen the IT. So when the massage started, I near cried only ½ as much as I should have....yeeeooowwwwww, the rolling pin certainly did not hurt like that. That was last week. The massage really did help as it identified exactly where the Band is tight. I have been almost religious with ice and alternating heat to loosen things up.

Yesterday after work, I parked myself by the poola and once again did a self diagnosis and remedy. I snagged a golf ball and did a deep massage right dead centre of the hurt zone. I rolled that golf ball on the sweet spot more than Tiger ever did...cha-ching!!!  Needless to say, I has a big red mark and a sore thigh...but success!!! Eureka even!!!!!!  This is the first morning I have gotten out of bed without cringing and limping. My thigh hurts like hell but my knee is pain free. Hmmmm...thigh pain or knee pain???  I think I’ll take door number 1 Monty!!

So maybe this is the beginning of the end....hopefully by the end of the day I will still feel zero pain on the knee. I will then start to plot my comeback to rule the running world, to wow everyone with my golf ball/rolling pin therapy. I may even make millions and open a charity clinic for old tired runners.....the options are endless if this works.....hmmmm....go to the Cloud Shawn, go to the Cloud...

Ahhh back to reality...I will just be happy to be pain free by the end of the week. Sorry if this sounds sugary, but man I finally feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. I never figured on how much I would miss running till I couldn’t do it. Who knew?

On a side note, have you ever shaken your keyboard out??  Yuck and gross.....makes me want to type with gloves on....and on that cheery thought, have a great day all! The next big adventure is just around the corner!!


Kovas said...

I keep a golf ball under my work desk to massage my feet - yes, I spend most of the day without shoes, my coworkers are used to it now.

Christi said...

Yay, I hope healing is near!

Kate said...

I carry a tennis ball in my purse for the same reason Kovas has his golf ball.

Sure hope you get to the end of that tunnel quickly. This is one of those times you DON'T want to "stay away from the light!!!" :)

Heather Karr said...

As a massage therapist the IT bands are a huge issue with a lot of my clients! If they are really tight I recommend using a piece of a swimming noodle foam tube since its softer. Then when the IT bands loosen up you can graduate to something harder! I'm also a HUGE fan of the use of golf balls in my therapy! So much so that I invented a tool to control the golf ball! The SPAball Kaddy. I use the KaddyBACK (another tool I developed) to get deep trigger-point pressure in MY upper back since everyone is too busy to give THIS massage therapist a massage!

Quinton J said...

ah yes...the'ol IT band. keep us posted on this. i suffered IT trouble a few years ago, but after some solid therapy (very similar to the stuff you're doing) it was better and I've never had it bug me again. Like Kate...I still carry a tennis ball in my purse.
well...it's more of a man purse. a murse. also known as a European carry-all. Look...you can still be tough and carry your stuff. good luck.

Coy Martinez said...

Oh yes, the beloved IT Band. I mean, what gives with that damn banjo string anyway? Most people wake up and drink a cup of coffee, I now wake up, roll out of bed and go back and forth across that roller. It's part of my life now. I've learned that if I run hills anywhere near a 9 min pace, I'm toast. That's just the facts. I run A LOT of hills.

KEEP at the rolling. I was so dumb to never roll before. I just figured I was bullet proof. I was able to run quite a few miles, slowly, after less than 2 weeks of rolling and ice. You'll probably see a nice turnaround too!

It's funny what we would give just to run a few miles isn't it!? Hurts almost as much mentally as it does physically!