Monday, July 18, 2011

The best answers I could come up with!!

I got tagged with this last week.....and in an attempt to answer those burning questions, I have kept it short and sweet...and quick.

Here goes......

From Kate: long have you been running?  A little more than a year and a half.

What made you start? I got sick of puffing like an old locomotive up the stairs and the double chin that was starting to make itself known.

What sports did you play in high school? I used to play hockey till the cigarettes ruined my wind...dumb, dumb, dumb.  I ended up doing work more than sports in school...mind you, I like to think I am pretty fair at whatever sport I choose to try.

Who would be your free pass person (you know, the person you could hook up with with no repercussions from your spouse...not that you would, of course)? My "BOSS" would laugh cause she know's.....I am a big Jane Seymour of the original Bond girls before she got medicine in her blood.

BTW, love your header pic! Thank-you...I do too!!!

From Char:

What's your most embarrassing running moment?  Can honestly say I don't have one yet.....and I do know it will happen.

From Jamoosh:

If your hobby could be your job - would you do it? or making beer (when I find the time to get back at it.....)

From Jim:

How many days to you take as recovery after a race? used to just be a couple and then I would go back to a 3 mile run, then 4, then 5 etc. However, I now seem to have an IT issue and have not run for better than a month. I did however get 30 miles on the bike this weekend with just a wee twinge now and again. I hope to get back running in the next 2 weeks.

From Caroline:

do you speak any French? No, but after living in a bilingual community for 11 years, I understand some French.....and some cuss words

who is yout favorite hockey team?

who would you like to meet? Stephen of some of my favorite novels including "The Stand" and "IT" (no, that's not the IT Band IT)

From Chris K:

1) Why do you live in Canada where it is so damn cold? Born here, love it, weaned on icicles, ex hockey player.
2) Where was the pic taken in your header? New Smyrna beach in Florida, one of my best running days ever....8 miles on the beach was awesome.

3) How did you become a Raiders fan? I used to cheer for Denver but then went to the dark side with Bo. You know Bo...right?
4) Since you are a Raiders fan are you also a gang member? Nope, pretty much a loner...lotsa aquantances, a few good friends.
5) Did you learn about the Raiders when you were in prison or something? No prison, but I was a surface plant (Mill, Smelter and Refinery) and underground Miner (Nickle Mine) for 6 years....been down 4150 feet...pretty dark....

From Coy:

What's your dream race??  I was thinking New York till I seen the price tag...Manitoba Marathon was pretty special for me for a few reasons, had 15 family members between the 1/2, 10 walk/run participate on Fathers Day this year, so it became a family reunion of sorts and pretty exciting all the way around. I learned quite a bit during that run about myself and life in general.

So there are my answers. I had dreaded this to a certain extent always wonder what people will ask.

I hope to get back to running either this week or next. I can at least get on the bike and do a bit but I don't know what kind of shape I will be in for my Duathlon in August.....and that will set everything else up for the fall. I think I will be getting another massage soon if the IT does not loosen up soon.

Have a great week all and thanx for the questions. If you have more, let em rip or let it rest .....


Kate said...

I love The Stand. One of my all-time favorite books, and I almost put Stephen King as my person I'd like to meet, but then I thought, I don't know...he seems kind of weird and creepy.

Jane Seymour? Really? Your Boss isn't the only one laughing. :)

The miner thing is really interesting. Wouldn't have guessed.

Jamoosh said...

Good job! Enlightening to say the least!

Laura said...

IT still scares me to this day.....and fed into my fear of clowns.
Don't all Canadians know french swear words?

Johann said...

Always interesting to learn more about our blogger friends and good to learn some non-running stuff as well. Thanks for sharing!

Chris K said...

Bo Knows.

Great answers. You were a sport with my snarky questions.