Thursday, June 9, 2011

I never really knew?

I have been bummed about 3 of my last 4 runs since my first Marathon.....

1st one was less than a mile and my left outer knee was trying to mate with the inner was in some nasty stabbing pain. I walked and cursed and walked some more but everytime I tried to run, I had to stop.....more cursing followed! I worked in a Nickle mine for 5 years out of high school...I really do know how to curse.

2nd run ended at about 2 miles. I really backed the pace off but that nasty pain was back. This time I just walked back to the wheels and called it a run.

3rd was last Tuesday......pain at 2 miles but not the same "make the big baby cry" pain. I did the walk run thing off and on till it hurt too much...and again, called it a run.

Now here is why this was a worry....I am running a 1/2  on Fathers Day with my brothers (3 of them), a few of the outlaws and son "B".  The last thing I need is to be hobbled.

So I went for a run today and thought happy thoughts and about what I achieved a little over a week ago:

  • I put my body through the wringer for about 18 of the 26.2 miles and survived. 
  • I learned that a Marathon is not 2 1/2 marathons combined. It is a totally different beast that has to be run with a different is not a linear race, it gets exponentially tougher every mile.
  • I learned that all those little connector muscles that get hammered when  195 lbs stomps on them need a lot of time to recover if you went out too fast ( please see 1st bullet ) but they do get better.
4 miles today pain free at an under 9 minute/mile pace.

Shawn is happy camper again and just had to tell everybody.  I have 1 day of work left and then will have a week off where we will head West to see mine and the BOSS's family and be all together again for the first time in about  10 years. Put it this way, the BOSS has not even met her 7 yr old niece...ever. Amazing how the time fly's when everybody gets wrapped up in their own little world.

It has also been busy at work....I try not to talk about it too much because it does not define who I am. Family and my other interests I think are a better reflection of who I am.

I have been reading blogs but have just been foul about my knee. I was pretty disheartened to think that my "good" knee was giving me trouble....and a little jealous when reading about peoples sucess's and knowing I wasn't having the best "training" runs before my next race....hence no comments anywhere.

I will run again Saturday and Sunday and then the bird fly's west. Will do a couple of acclimatizing runs and then taper for the 1/2.

So thank-you all for the great comments on the Marathon post. It was the chocolate on the ice cream for me after my biggest running accomplishment to date.

Hope all those running this weekend have a great race and I will hopefully find a free WiFi connection somewhere out in the boonies to follow and post while I'm away.

Cheers and "chase your pace'!!!


Kate said...

Yea, Shawn! :) So glad you're running pain-free again. Geez, man...give your body a break!! :)

Have a WONDERFUL trip!

Kate said...

Thanks for the're so right. Most of my frustration with myself is pretty tongue in cheek...I'm not going home beating myself up over it or anything. :) As far as the rest of it, it would do me no good to pretend I'm all that when my results so clearly don't back it up. And hopefully, maybe somebody who's not a super athlete reads that and is encouraged and realizes there's a place for her (or him) in the endurance athlete community...after all, you don't get better by being afraid to try.

Anonymous said...

It's important to remember that just like we learn about running, we also need to learn about recovery. We are all a little different and it depends on our training base.

Christi said...

Good luck with your knee!

Char said...

I've had some pretty ordinary runs this week so I'm one less person you have to be jealous of. And how encouraging to have 4 miles pain-free. Things will only get better.

Chris K said...

Yeah, gotta rest that 195 lb body Big Man. Glad to see you are on the recovery trail and will be in top top shape next Sunday for the half.