Monday, May 23, 2011

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. ~Les Brown

I am ready (I think).
Sunday May 29/2011 in Ottawa will be my first Marathon.
I am bib number 1950, for whatever that is worth.
Since Jan 24th, I have:
·         Done 18 weeks of training
·         83 runs
·         603.49 miles
·         88 hours, 12 minutes
·         Had an average speed of 6.8 mph
·         Burned 89,141 calories
I am in awe when I look at the miles run for those 18
 weeks.  I am proud of myself, no matter what happens
 this Sunday.

I have 5 goals:
·         FINISH
·         Break 4 hours
·         Make my Pace (8:15 mins/mile)
·         Beat my Pace
·         Meet Chris K in Boston next year
I do not think these are unrealistic.
My biggest fear is dehydration. I will take my camelback.
 An extra 2.2 lbs will not kill me considering I have been
 using it on the long runs anyways.

I have 1 more run tomorrow of about 6 miles and then I
 will start my taper.
Today’s run was great. Son “B” and I did 6.4 miles. It is
 the furthest he has ever run….he is training for a half to
 be run on Fathers Day. That will be a family affair as all
 my brothers (my sis does not run) and I will be running as
 well as various nieces, nephews and outlaws as kind of a
 reunion type thing. I am thinking he will be running with
 one of his Uncles as I have a goal to beat 1:40 for that

I am so looking forward to it as my family is scattered
 from Ontario to the Northwest Territories and we have
 not all been together in one place for at least 10 years.

So now I am relaxing…I earned it this weekend. Saturday
 was shopping and cooking, Sunday was full of cleaning and
 grass cutting, cooking and laundry (still have yet to plant
 the Hosta in the bag in the back of the picture). It is now
 my time to chill with a Vince Flynn novel, a bud light lime
 (or 2, or 3???) and a tray of finger foods (cheese, almond
 stuffed olives and fresh veggies). Have to take it easy
 after last nights feast of breaded chicken breasts
 stuffed with prosciutto and Fontina cheese, garlic mashed
 potatoes and fresh veggies… about rich!!!!
So have a great week everyone. I will be starting the mental prep after tomorrows run:

Only think of two things - the gun and the tape.  When you

 hear the one, just run like hell until you break the other.

  ~Sam Mussabini

 I look forward to giving you a great race report next




Anonymous said...

You are going to do great!

Christi said...

Looks like you have done the training so I am going to echo what Jamoosh said, "You are going to do great!"

Coy Martinez said...

I'm so freakin excited for you! I remember getting ready for my first marathon too! It's something you'll only do once! Make it count! Remember everything as you go! I think you're ready :)

Jim ... 50after40 said...

I can't wait to read the report next week!!! I have no doubt you'll be awesome ... good luck, and congrats on the training! Enjoy the reward of the marathon!

Jill said...

I'm thinking #1950 is a magical number! Good luck to you - and have a total blast!!

Char said...

Wow, it's so close now. And look at all the hard work you've done. Good luck!

Laura said...

ROCK IT! Have a good taper and amazing race!

Jenn said...

You ARE ready!!! Excited for you Shawn! Hope the taper goes well! Love that quote about the gun and the tape! I have to write that one down! First Marathon-HUGE accomplishment. Live it up!! Can't wait to read the report!

Quinton J said...

You've got this buddy. You'll do just fine. Trust in all of that bad-ass training you've got under your belt and you'll be checking off those goals as done before you know it. Stay calm this week and resist the urge to do new and unusual last minute stuff. I can't wait to find out how you do.

Chris K said...

You are trained well. You really have. Through some crazy conditions that I will probably never experience in my life.

I would bet the farm that you will break 4 hours. If you run your goal pace, you will on your way to having a beer with me in Boston next year.

Make Canada proud Shawn.