Sunday, May 29, 2011

I came, I saw, I achieved goal #1

I Adam the Boring runner would say: 

"I feel like I've been on a 3 day bender with Lindsy",

More to follow....humid, out too fast, ran/walked last 15  miles on cramped quads.

Ran the last .75 miles to the finish, I had the family cheering me on, best day ever!!!! 

Chip time = 4:32. 

Screw the other goals, I FINISHED!!!!!! 

Beer & Advil & my pillow are calling me.

Thanx for all the support.....I now have to walk 2 flights of stairs to my pillow....should take a year or so if I'm lucky!!!!

Later folks.


Coy Martinez said...

Congratulations!! That was my 2nd marathon finish time! I was running home on IT Bands as tight as banjo strings. Screw it IS RIGHT! You MADE IT!! WAY TO GOOOOOO!! Rest up! Can't wait for a report!

Erika said...

COngrats on your race!!!!! Finishing is the sweetest reward!

Chris K said...

Humid and starting out too fast are not the perfect recipe for a PR. So what? It happens. You Canadians are so happy-go-lucky, that's what I love about you guys.

Happy Hangover.

Kate said...

Congratulations!! Finishing is a huge accomplishment, and you beat my finishing time by 20 minutes...and I only ran/walked 5 of the last 6. Your run/walk kicks my run/walk's ass. Way to go, Shawn! Enjoy the well-earned nap. Ice bath. I'm telling you. Ice bath. You'll thank me once your boy parts come back out of hiding.

Jill said...

Congratulations, that's very exciting!! Humidity can just zap the life right out of you, excellent job finishing!!