Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bad weather always looks worse through a window. ~Author Unknown

It’s a Mad, Mad, World

I have been too busy to blog and comment (sorry) and it is going to get busier as summer rolls around. That is if you can call our weather here for the last week and a half or so summer.

Rain, single digit temps and my arch nemesis, wind.

 I can only hope that all that running into the wind will give me an extra boost should I need it in 11 days. My last race pace 10 miler was 5 miles into the wind and the Garmin guy was ahead at 4 miles. I made the turn at 5 about 11 feet ahead of him. The back 5 miles I smoked him by 350 feet. Amazing how much intestinal fortitude (and mental mind games) is required to run in that damn wind!

My training had been great up until Saturday. Put in a solid 10 miles and was supposed to do 10 on Sunday.....but the torrential downpour had started and I could not force myself to run the treadmill. So I spent the day fixing some of my neglected projects.

Monday rained again and due to getting the sons where they needed to be......

[ Insert other things that don’t have to do with running here:

The BOSS started a 4x12hr day stretch, during the week, son “A” is horseback riding and playing 3 vs 3 hockey, son “B” is playing travelling soccer and reffing soccer too. Add in cooking, cleaning and laundry for some dirty smelly boys and you start to get the picture

Enough whining, now carry on ]

....I made the run short and fast (read: wimped out early cause clothes needed to be folded...gotta keep the BOSS happy you know, or get brownie points, your choice).

Last night was a write off as more taxiing was done. Hopefully I can get in an easy 8 tonight and 10 at race pace Thursday.

Will run this weekend and then start my taper about Tuesday or Wednesday for the Sunday test. Will also cross train by cutting the mountain of grass that is growing thanx to all the rain.

On a bright note, I went to the dentist yesterday before all the driving and got a cavity free thumbs up, pretty rare for me as I have funded several kids of dentists through school via my dental work...oh the horror stories I could tell......

So that’s it in nutshell.  It’s a Mad world for me these days and the forecast just calls for more.

Ain’t life grand?


Caroline said...

oh boy.
1.the wind has been my enemy for the las 10 days, it suckes.
2, you are a GOOD dad. when you boys are parents they will appreciate you even MORE.
3. you are a good husband. \
4. off to the dentist for a possible rooth canal...yeah for me

Coy Martinez said...

I live in Ky and it's been raining here for days. I'm so over it. Its 50 one day and 90 the next! No exaggeration! How can anyone train in this crap or even be inspired to run!?

I know what you mean about funding dr.'s. I've paid my obgyn's mortgage payment more than once.

Char said...

Reading your post made me realise just how glad I am that my kids are all older and all have their licenses. Late night soccer game? No worries, I'll see you in the morning. Sure you can borrow the car.

But the time that you have with them now - chauffeuring them around - is golden. Good quality time that you just don't get later on.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

No doubt ... please send summer soon!!! My body feels sooooo much better with the warmth!

Kate said...

I hear you! Rain every weekend...ugh. I even took off tomorrow to go ride my bike...forecasts of rain. Noooooo!
Add in the end-of-school year craziness that comes with having a graduating senior AND being a teacher...not much running is happening. Come on, summer!

Adam said...

OH mean, I hear you w/ the busy - and my kid is only 5 months old! I can only assume that it only gets easier as they get older, right?? RIGHT??