Friday, May 27, 2011

Apparently I'm twice the runner I thought I was...who knew?

Just a quick note to the world and then I will return to my Subterranean Dwelling to wait out the taper till Sunday.

1st – Sorry for the lack of comments on any blogs you have
written as of late. Apparently there is some issue with “comments” feature of blogger as to whether you have embedded or pop up comments enabled. Much too technical jargon for me as I always thought computers were just a fad. All I know for sure is this, “blocking a pop-up” meant something completely different when I was a teenager (insert drum ba-da-bump-bump here).

2nd – Went to Ottawa last night to get my race kit for Sunday. The first time I have been to an expo (please note Cave Dweller comment above) and everything went wonderful, or so I thought. Got my package and had a cursory look, yeah, bib is there, other stuff rattling around, probably chip and some pins. Then went to the expo where they grabbed my, the package and checked the disposable chip by waving it past a scanner. My name popped up (no pop-up blocking there) so I guess I am good to go. Well, got home last night and had a closer look at the package and lo and behold, I have 2 timing chips.

I have sent an email to the organizers asking if this is normal and should I really have 2 of them (chips that is)? The reply back was – “Shawn, 1 chip only”. That’s it, no solution or call us or anything else......just – “Shawn, 1 chip only”.  I am now thinking of changing the name of my blog to “Shawn, 1 chip only”.

Just think of the possibilities.....I will go to Subway and get a meal deal. They will ask “What kind of cookie would you like with that?”. And I would answer, “Chocolate for Shawn, 1 chip only”. I could go to England and have a Fish & 1 Chip only meal. I could be a great golfer, just get to the fringe and they’d being saying “Oh, here he comes again, Shawn, 1 chip only”. I mean really, the possibilities are endless.

So I now have another email sent out asking “What should I do?”. Wear both chips since I don’t know which one is good....or will I get 2 times.....begging the question, who’s “other” chip do I have? If I do wear both, should they be on top of each other or might that make me have 3 chips? Which makes me ask another question...did my package come in close contact with another package and since my chip was so attractive, the other chip decided to jump in with mine? So as of right now, I have no answer to this ongoing saga but it should end up interesting to say the least. I also asked the organizers to answer this question, even thought they can’t, “Why does this always happen to me”? I hope they see the humour in this....but I really am looking for a Chip answer because the pace I have set for myself is only 2-4-6-8-10-12-20 minutes off a BQ (please note earlier posts...this is goal #5). It would be a shame to have a nasty good race time and not have it show up due to some silly chip thing.

3rd – Supposed to be hot on Sunday...28° C and muggy so worrying about a BQ may be a moot point. I start at 7am and they have 17 water stations set up about every 3km or so (1.8 miles) along the route. I know the numbers don’t quite add up...but I am now wondering if I should wear the camelbak knowing there are that many stations.

So I am looking for opinions, hump or no hump?

Lastley - I can only imagine the millions of well wishes that did not get to me because of blogger comment issues....that makes all of yours that did get through that much more special to me. Thank-you and have a great weekend...for some, a great long weekend.


Anonymous said...

Easy first half; hump the second half! Best of luck.

Quinton J said...

good luck buddy...and don't rule anything out because of weather until you're lined up at the start. anything can happen when it comes to weather. until the hail hits you on your head...stay focused on your bq.

Janice {Run Far} said...

I am new to your blog. Love it.

Good luck with your up-coming marathon.

Char said...

Ha ha - you had me laughing at the blocking pop-ups comment. I think living in houseful of males has sullied my pure mind ;)

I actually thought you should wear both chips. What's the worst that could happen? The chip mat might have a little melt-down and go off like the alarms at the shops when you walk out with something that still has an activated security chip on it. (Serial kleptomaniac here?) That'd give you a lot of attention on the finish line.

Kate said...

I like your new blog header.

I wouldn't use a camelback with that many water stations, but that's just me, the not-even-close-to-BQer.

The pop up blocker comment made me laugh, but I've never been encumbered by a pure mind so that's hardly a surprise.

best of luck to you in the marathon! I'm excited to hear how it goes. :)

Coy Martinez said...

When I was reading this I could hear Sean Connery saying "Shawn, 1 chip only". Did you ever see the Hunt for Red October when he was asking his guy to ping the other sub? I know, am I starting to sound crazy?

Katie said...

This made me laugh, esp. rambling #2 :D

Jenn said...

Hmmm.....I drank at EVERY water stop in Boston (every mile) and it was 50 degrees. If its hot for my marathon, I'm wearing the Hydration belt. Would rather be safe than sorry!

You're a funny guy Shawn! Always laughing!

Hope the race just goes AWESOME for you tomorrow. I will think of you as I only have to run about 1/4 of that distance! Good luck!!

Katie said...

Also I forgot to say good luck :)