Saturday, April 30, 2011

Run to end MS Half-Marathon Race Report

Runners just do it - they run for the finish line even if someone else has reached it first.  ~Author Unknown 

Started the morning at 6am, stuffing a bagel and a banana  down my throat along with a  Tassimo  Cappuccino. Was the highlight of my day before the race started as I was sleep deprived by the dumb(er)  cat that decided since the "BOSS" was back from her girls trip to Atlantic City, she should make my feet the  center of her bed to keep us company. Tossed and turned all that sucked!!!!

Got a kiss and a hug and a "good luck" on the way out the door at 8 for the race start at 9. Nice  wick free shirt  for doing the race along with a reusable bag and some snacks. 514 runners for the morning between the 1/2, 5k, and 10 k runs (over $30,000 raised for MS research...yay).

Weather =  Awesome.  Sunny and cool,  little or no wind.

I went out quick.....all of 64 runners in the 1/2 that I had to clear you know!!!!  I knew the course like the back of my hand as I have either run it in training or rode my bike on it for the last 10 years. Along the St. Lawrence River, pretty if you have time to look.
So back to the going out quick. Paid for that! Started to cramp at about 1 1/2 miles. My left calf felt like it was a piece of steel. Slowed my pace  a bit and luckily had a  runner pass me and then I matched her pace for about 2 miles. The cramp finally let go so I  got it  in gear and  started pushing it a bit. I passed my pacer and  2 more runners before the 1/2 was finished. Also made sure I had 2 water cups for that "pacer" who helped me when she crossed the finish line. She looked at me like I was a stalker until I told how she inadvertently helped me when I really needed it.

Therefore, I PR'd.  Finished at 1:42:38:8    Bettered my best by 3:35. I held a 7:45 pace for much of the race but I probably ended up around a 7:50 mins/mile at the end. I was very pleased with this as I have put in lots of miles...and it is nice to see results show up in minutes, not seconds. 

Ended up 5/6 for my age group and 26th out of 64 total, 19 out of 31 for gender.

So now I have to rework my goal pace for my 1st Marathon at the Ottawa Race Weekend, May 29th. Will have about 40,000 plus runners to get out in front of that day...hahahahaha

But we will worry about that later. For now I am relaxing with a few of these:

And a few of these:

I have also been busy this week so did not catch upon all the blogs I follow...hope everybody had a great week and if you were racing this weekend, hope you nailed it. 

Taking son "B" to a skate park in Montreal tomorrow for his belated bday present with a few of his buddies. Should be fun as I will go beer shopping while they "grind"......and then I will get back to the "grind" of training on Monday.....enjoying the hell out of it because I know I am going forward.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend folks...and please cheer for my Flyers!!!!!!

Later eh...(my bed is calling me for a nap!!!)...shawn


Kate said...

Wow, Shawn!! Way to crush the half! Very nice job!

Jenn said...

A 3 and a half minute PR! Minutes not seconds is right! AWESOME job!!!! I am relaxing with a few of "those" and a few of "those" but I have no 3 minute HM PR to be rewarding myself for.....So happy for you Shawn!!

Char said...

Congratulations. That's a fantastic PR!

Anonymous said...

A PR deserves a comment, thus you rock!

Coy Martinez said...

I would love to wake up to a PR like that! have some of that beer!

Chris K said...

Holy Crap, that is a very solid time.
Who did your run with, some ex track team? You should have won your age group. Seriously.

Great job. Congrats on the PR.

There was a typo in this post though. You kept saying there were 64 people in the race. :-)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

CONGRATS on a fantastic race Shawn!

Your comment on my snot rockets had me cracking up!