Friday, April 8, 2011

Most people run a race to see who is fastest. I run a race to see who has the most guts. ~Steve Prefontaine

I went out for my run yesterday with the goal of running an 8:15 marathon pace for 8 miles. The Boss joined me on the bike and thought the up tempo was did I.

That’s because I ended up doing the 8 miles at a 7:57 pace which was equal to my 1st ½ MP.....and I felt great. A bit of

wind but the temps were nice and the sun was shining.

This has me re-thinking that whole MP thing again. The reasoning behind that is:

  • No fueling or water on this run

  • Still a bit bundled up for the temps

  • No taper before this run

  • Did this after running 6 miles the day before and 49 miles the week before

  • I could have kept going at pace for awhile longer

  • My Winterman ½ was 44 seconds slower than the Army ½......and that was in the cold with almost no fueling

  • I trust my instincts

I have also started playing a game with the Garmin Pacer. I set up the workout function and race the pacer. For whatever reason, I hate to lose to that thing. So I try to get a few 100 feet ahead at the beginning and then try to maintain that lead for the rest of the run. Yesterday, I beat that little crapper by 0.27 mile. Whooooooooawwwwwwww!!!!!!!

I have also started cooling down after running by starting a warm shower, turning it progressively colder and then filling up the tub till I’m cooled off. No muscle pain, legs feel great after and so do I. Thanx Kate

So, I have a ½ scheduled for the end of the month that I am supposed to run at MP. I have been thinking about this for awhile and I have decided I will do it full out for a PR and then plug that time in the pace calculator and go from there. I figure I still have a month to go after that to tweak. My big fear is having a ton left in the tank at the end and I could have gone out and done a better job....but........and I have to remember the marathon plan priorities:

  1. Finish

  1. Sub 4 hour

  1. Make my pace

  1. Beat my pace

  1. Join Chris in Boston next year

Sometime this weekend I have to do an 8 and a 16. Supposed to be warm but wet on Sunday. Might be cool to run in the rain again. Sure beats the hell out of snow and cold winds.

I will probably be a basket case before the summer is done with all the math I am doing in my head. Oh well, it could be worse......I could be figuring out my chip to beer ratio while rolling around on the couch looking for the sweet spot.

How often does everybody else change their race plans? Are you constantly adjusting “The Plan”?


Kate said...

You're welcome. Cold water is magical. It's amazing.

Wow, nice job! If only the Boss could pace you in the marathon, huh? :)

Go for it in the half. But I'd be careful about necessarily transferring a stronger than trained-for pace to your marathon goals. I guess with a month after to tweak things it'll be OK.

What's your longest marathon training run so far? I'm training for my 1st marathon and know SO little about running and training and so on, but my first 20 mile run really showed me that 20 miles is more than 7 more than 13. Does that make sense? I ran the first 5 at my HM pace (which was 9:03 and my best pace in any race) not intentionally but just because that was what I was feeling. I was in misery by the time I got home. I think it was partly from starting out too fast, though other things went into it as well. Anyway, I'm sure someone smarter than me can give you better advice.

As far as adjusting race plans...sigh. I had kind of set my A marathon goal for as close to 4:15 as I could manage, but less than consistent training and a foot injury have put me where I'll be happy with a sub 5 marathon. I mean, I'll be happy to finish. But I'd like it to be sub 5. Other than that, we'll see what happens.

Shawn said...

Hey Kate,

Longest run so far is about 15.55 on tired legs. I keep waiting to hit a wall but it has not happened yet???? Knock on my head I guess.

Will see when the race comes as my longest training run will be 3 X 16 more than plans calls for a ton of miles at slower pace. Seems to be working so far.

Caroline said...

I dont have a lot of experience yet, but yes I change the race plan in my head because I see in my shorter races I am making progress and makes me change the plan for the next 1/2 M. I need a boss to pace me also!!!

Anonymous said...

Stick with your 8:15 goal for now. When you do a fifteen or eighteen miler see how you do by making it a race simulation.

Coy Martinez said...

Every blog I read I think finds the weather improving for everyone! I was happy about a short sleeve t today!!

I'm a new follower to you too!

Laura said...

...I could care less if it rains on our 29km run. Beats snow and any temps that have (minus) in front of it!
My marathon plans are pretty much all the same right now - to survive.but I know as I get better, there will be more marathon kms built into long runs. And my coach is a total advocate of running on tired legs..hence why she kills us in our Sat training...

Kate said...

Thanks for the comment today. Ironic that you bonked today after just writing that...but you're right...lesson learned. Good luck with the rest of your training!

Small Town Runner said...

Great blog here!

I have changed and re-changed my race plans several times this cycle..but all boils down to how things feel on race day and what the weather is like. I'll wear a few pace bands this time. ;)

Sounds like a fantastic run!