Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I got you Babe!

I was supposed to do a “strength” set of runs on I am supposed to do every Tuesday until my Marathon. Well, that’s not going to happen.

See, around here, Tuesday is cheapie movie night. So I have given up doing Tuesday runs and will now do a moderate run on Wednesdays (instead of that being my rest day) and then do my Marathon pace runs on Thursdays and continue on with the rest of the schedule.

We have 2 lads who like the movies and to keep the “BOSS” happy, I will now take one in once in awhile too. I figure they sacrifice quite a bit for me as my runs are getting longer and more frequent these days.

I like going to the movies but get uptight about a few things...such as

  • I don’t like going to the late show on cheapy night. TOO MANY PEOPLE who are like cattle

  • I won’t go to a new show in it’s 1st week.....once again.
      TOO MANY PEOPLE and  I hate being crowded

  • I don’t like crowds

Do you see a recurring theme here? All that being said, I don’t like crowds. I don’t like being jostled and I don’t like being crammed up like a cow in a cattle car.

This does not seem to bother me too much for the ½ Marathons I have been in. I think it is because of the common goal that we are all going the same way when we start....not all different this 1st event

We went to “The Source Code” last night. Sat with the “BOSS” as the lads went to sit as far away as possible from us with their friends. I enjoyed the movie. It was not too crowded and there was no mooing going on in the theatre...a most pleasant experience.

Funny thing was, this morning while eating breakfast, I was thinking about “The Source Code” and the parallels to “Groundhog Day” when “I Got You Babe” started playing on the radio (insert Wayne's World Intro here...nah nah nuh nah). Too weird. Wonder what’s in store for me today?

So, the rest of my week calls for:

Wed – 6m
Thurs – 8m @ Marathon Pace
Fri – 7m
Sat – 8m
Sun – 16m

All this around Soccer practice, Track practice, Horse Riding lessons, going out Saturday night for the ”BOSS’s” Bday (shhh, it's a secret) and then Sunday for a little quieter get together with friends for Wings and Beers. The nice thing is, I looked at the extended forecast and see double digits for the weather so that should not make things too miserable.

Do you have phobias, hate crowds? Or should I just lighten up?


Christi said...

I hate missing the previews at the movies. I have to be in my seat (top row, center seat) before the movie starts or I get cranky!

Caroline said...

you are perfectly normal!
I am the same. I like going to the movies but I don't like it if there is too many people. I don't like to have a stranger sitting next to me..I know very stupid because It is a public place but it is how I feel, I put my coat on the seat next to me hoping people will not ask if the seat is taken because well I cannot lie!!!

Emz said...

I hate it when my phone rings. It's rarely good news. My friends seem to text good news--call for bad.

Enjoy this weeks running!!

Jenn said...

Do you like crowds?

Have fun at the Boss's Bday! Wings and Beers-great reward for 16:)