Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fall seven times, stand up eight. ~Japanese Proverb

Being the Dumbass, Idiot, Adventurous runner that I am, I decided to follow some great advice from Jamoosh with respect to my future Marathon pace.  His a trial run... my 16 miler to run at an 8:15 pace and see how things worked out since I was questioning my future MP. Unfortunately, I decided to do that on 29 mile legs and there ya go. No fault to Jamoosh, I just am the impatient type of guy and figured as I was lacing up the sneaks Saturday morning,why not today?

The cool thing is, I held a 8:10 pace for about 12 miles. At 12.5 miles, I ran out of water. At 14 miles, I stopped 14.5 miles, I did the walk/run / "I know I'm in trouble trot". 

Should I be I knew the risk I was taking on tired legs and I paid the price. But I also learned when my "safe' stop point was. I know my limit...and hey, it was a training run...better to bonk on this one than the race.

All in all, a great weekend. I was shredded after my 8 today. The "Boss's" party may have had a bit to do with it. Not blaming her, she did not force beer down my throat. But she kept looking at me with that "Thank-You" it feels good to still be able to throw her a curveball once in awhile. 

So a new number for most miles in a week.....and lesson learned. Great things rise from the ash's?????? 

Have a great week all...I know I will.

When was the last time you bonked?????? 


Kate said...

Sorry you had such a rough end to your run, but you were doing great til the end there. Seems pretty encouraging, really.

And pretty cool to get to your wife like that. :)

Caroline said...

Ah sorry about the rough run. Last time I bonk? Last Monday, I went out with NO Water and it was 88 degrees. I got really dehydrated it was bad.

Christi said...

Bonking is not fun at all! But you will rise from the ashes to conquer bigger and better things!

Coy Martinez said...

I think you and I might be cut from the same cloth! I will totally go out and just run into a wall like that as well.

Our brains are so ambitious!

Molly said...

you hit the nail on the head when you wrote that this was a training run, thats how we learn!!

Jenn said...

Sounds like the "boss's" party was a good time! I'm all about curveballs! Nice work on the training run-totally worth a bonk for a solid 12 at 8:10 and a few lessons learned! Keep up the good work:)

Anonymous said...

I meant kilometers not miles!

Yeah, you need to be a little fresher for a simulation.