Sunday, March 27, 2011

Man Tats…….things your Mother never told you!

It has been about 2 weeks since I posted anything on the blog. Have just been too busy with everything…..

Two weeks ago the weather here sucked. High winds, rain, sleet and snow. I got in a few treadmill runs but kinda lost my drive to do much of anything. I think part of me knew I was going to Orlando for a week with the family so I just put the running on the back burner to try and get everything ready for the trip.

We left Friday at 4pm and drove straight thru the night with a little 2 hour nap at a rest stop and then arrived at our destination at 5pm. I’ll tell you, that last 3 hours from Jacksonville to Orlando has to be one of the craziest trying places that I have ever driven. Where I come from, slow traffic should move to the right and let the quicker folks go on the left. Nope….3 lanes of folks who just poke along and then move to the left when the feeling arises…just because. At one point I lost it (and forgot who was in the car) and let a few nasty words escape out of my mouth that rhymed with fuddrucker much to the delight of son “B” who giggled so hard he near peed himself…that of course got everybody laughing and the real vacation started at that point.

We did the typical touristy type things with the exception of Disney. We had been there before so this time we went to SeaWorld to see this and ride these (no, we did not ride the Sea Lion, the Dolphins or Shamu!):

We did Universal studios and to see Harry and ride this:

And the best day was when we went to New Smyrna Beach and parked here:

And ran 8 miles on the sand in beautiful, warm SUN:

We did have a funny at the beach. The folks we were with have a timeshare in Orlando so we stayed at their place (like a big apartment and they have boys about the same age as our boys) and then travelled together to the beach for the day. I of course was so excited about running on the beach; I forgot my Bodyglide for the Man Tats. Luckily, I had some Band-Aids in my knapsack so at least I had something. Well, you should have seen our host laugh as I was putting them on. I guess I no longer worry too much about it but she just howled. She could not believe I was doing that….no matter how I tried to explain what chafes when you run. For me, I sweat….I don’t perspire…I FREAK’IN SWEAT.  In fact, for anything longer than 10 miles, I break out the NipGuards.  So needless to say, she got a little education at my expense and we all had a good laugh.

So the vacation was just what I needed. We slowed down on the drive home, stopping at Fredrick, MD. for the evening. Nice Comfort Inn with a waffle maker for breakfast. The lads were in heaven. I did get in a few runs in Florida to total about 24 miles. It could have been more but to get to the amusement parks in the morning, you had to leave pretty early. And in all reality, this vacation was for the boys……not for me to run. We did come home to no snow which was nice but it was short lived. We had a few dumps but it all disappeared pretty quickly.

I finally got back on program this week for the Marathon training and put in a good 15 miles today to finish with 42 miles for the week. I think I have that feeling back after this morning’s run. Mind you, it did not start off well running into the wind (feels like -18 °C this morning) as my CamelBak froze up pretty quick. Good thing it was sunny so it thawed out on the way back and I was able to hydrate properly.
So, glad my long run for the week is done, now time for lunch and basketball. Unbelievable watching the UCON beat the Wildcats last night. Am now pulling for Kansas to win it all. Am also glad to get a post in after two weeks away….literally and figuratively. 
Have a great week everyone!
PS - Plenty of great beers on the trip too...I have become a Yuengling fan! But more about those beers on a later post.


Kovas said...

Welcome back!

Raegun said...

That sounds like a perfect vacation. So glad to hear you were able to soak up some vitamin D to get you through the rest of winter.

Adam said...

Awesome, sometimes it is good to take a break and enjoy the fam.

Based on your mid-run picture, it looks like you are a solid midfoot striker. Way to go! :)

Haha - I still get strange looks when I put on band aids

Caroline said...

Welcome back!!!
looks like you had a great vacation! Mine is coming up in May! Going back home! I cannot wait!

Johann said...

Nothing better than a good break from it all. Those rides look very tempting.

Jenn said...

Sounds like a great trip! Love the pics and I'm SO jealous of your 8 mile sun run!!! Man tats-ha! My husband made so much fun of people wearing Nipguards while he spectated my first marathon. He saw the purpose in them after he ran his-ha!!

I'm considering dropping the word verification for you. It's a big decision....lots of thought involved:) Have a great week!