Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Turning back time...Thank-you Canada

Here is an interesting article from todays Ottawa Citizen. Testing was done on Mice.....


Here are some of the excerpts from the article;

"Canadian scientists appear to have proven that you can, in fact, run away from old age"

(See, I can be Immortal!!!!!)

"In what could stand up as the most powerful evidence yet that exercise prolongs life, a study by MacMaster University researchers in Hamilton found that signs of premature aging were halted - and even reversed - in virtually every tissue and organ in the bodies of exercised mice."

Later on;

"Epidermiological studies in humans have shown that people who are physically active or exercise regularly have fewer chronic diseases and tend to live longer - runners especially"

So, I think the article is a great read...but I of course am passing this on to people who already know this.

Have a great week.....back to training (the treadmill?) on Thursday.

Does this mean I can eat more CHEESE if I run longer???


Jim ... 50after40 said...

My formula ... more miles = more pizza!

Michelle said...

"runners especially" -- even more reason to continue with Couch to 5km!

And if I can eat more cheese, I am so in.

Chris K said...

That's right... preaching to the choir Baby.