Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I figure if a cat has 9 lives, I must have about a 100.  

I have done some truly stupid things during my brief stay on Earth and I am always amazed at the resiliency of the human psyche to absorb, learn and carry on with life.

So, in an effort to remind myself how thankful I should be, I am going to attempt a post once a week for that purpose.

Today’s effort was started by a batch of cold weather that came sweeping through Southern Ontario in the last few weeks. Cold temperatures cause dry skin and the increased use of skin moisturizers.

I am constantly applying hand creams to keep my skin supple and protected. If you have ever had dry skin split from the cold, it is not pleasant. So much to my surprise a couple of mornings ago, I was drying myself off after a shower and came across a piece of dry skin around the front of my ankle (below and between the pointy ankle bones) about 5 inches long and about 1-1 ½ inches wide......

KERZAP cue haunting music and Mike Meyers doing "Wayne's World" going nununuunh nunununnuh

Sketches also often included dream sequences where Wayne and Garth imagine themselves in fantasy settings. The sequences were introduced with Wayne and Garth Algar imitating a stereotypical television fade-out by waving their arms in front of them and imitating a commonly used fade-out sound effect accompanied by an excerpt from Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver".

Thank-you Wikipedia mind goes back 40+ years to being a 5 year old, outside on a beautiful summer day, playing kick the can with a bunch of neighbourhood kids. The area we were playing in was about a block or two from our house out by a garbage pile that was being burned off and on. Now you have to remember, this was the 60’s and we were not quite as environmentally astute as we are today. Needless to say, this pile was not only an eyesore, it was also dangerous...and before you jump all over my parents, my next oldest brother was with me and in those days, you just went out and played. Cars did not go 100 miles an hour down the street, nobody locked their houses (till I took their cheese) and all the parents watched out for the kids as if they were their own.

Back to the one of the kids kicked the can onto the garbage pile. Being as I was “it” and the pile was not burning, I went and grabbed the can to place it down and restart the clock. Unfortunately, when I stepped up the get the can, my right foot sunk about a foot into the ground. Unbeknownst to all of us, the garbage pile had started a peat fire:

Peat, or turf, is an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation matter or histisol. Peat forms in wetland bogs, moors, muskegs...

Peat has a high carbon content and can burn under low moisture conditions. Once ignited by the presence of a heat source (e.g. a wildfire penetrating the subsurface), it smolders. These smoldering fires can burn undetected for very long periods of time (months, years and even centuries) propagating in a creeping fashion through the underground peat layer.

Thank-you again Wikipedia

When my foot sunk, my rubber boot got stuck in this hole and I could not get my foot out. It was shortly there after that the boot started melting around my foot and I started screaming. My brother came and finally pulled me out and carried me 2 blocks home (he was 7 at the time, my big brother hero!). Needless to say my Mom went right into action....and my boot and all ended up in the kitchen sink full of cold water. I remember the boot getting cut off my foot and then I really don’t remember much after that. Whether I blocked it out or “lost” some memories due to concussions (more stories about later) I can’t for the life of me remember anymore about that day.

My mom always told me she was so mad at the Dr.’s at the hospital because they wouldn’t do a skin graft on my ankle. In their defence, the burned portion of my ankle is dead center on the front, right where the foot meets the bottom of the shin bone....and the burns were 3rd degree. I would have had to been immobilized for anything to take at that spot. And I guess I was not the best patient as I could not sit still (I do remember that I would not stay in the hospital bed....I kept sneaking out) and let things heal. Apparently my foot got infected twice and they considered amputating more than once. My Mom and Dad said NO!

Eventually it did heal and I have had ZERO side effects from that incident. I still have scar tissue but I never lost any range of mobility in my right foot/ankle. Kudos’ to my parents who never held me back from anything and would not let me use that ankle as an excuse in life as to why I could not do something. As I am now a parent, it must have been hard for them to just watch (and bite their tongues) and hope things worked out.

So, I am thankful to have everything I brought into this world still attached to me. I am overjoyed that at this point in my life, I can go run and be pain free.

Amazing how you can forget about incidents for years at a time and then one day it just smacks you in the side of the head as if it was yesterday!

Ever had a close call? Flirted with Disaster? Did something stupid that made you scratch your head later?

Also, welcome aboard and hello to the new folks who decided to follow the blog publicy. Enjoy the read!!


Christi said...

Wow, that is a crazy story and I am so glad that you are stubborn. I mean we wouldn't have this great blog if you weren't!

Lee said...

Sounds like the neighborhood I grew up in, minus the garbage pile, but we all played outside all day long in summer and everyone knew each other and kept an eye on the kids. That is quite a story!
One dumb thing we did was crawl under a swing when someone was swinging in it, the old wooden type. I was the one who looked up too soon, and wham - scar in the middle of my forehead at the hairline to remind me for the rest of my life- thank goodness for bangs.