Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday, ED. II

I am thankful for the blog world.

When I started losing weight and getting into shape, most people did not even know I had lost weight until they seen old pictures of me. Those that I had not seen for a few months, immediately noticed and complemented me on my “New” look.

Then the questions usually started, “Are you sick”? Or “Which diet are you on”? Or “Did you get surgery”? (Just kidding on the last one, but I imagine some thought it!)

Once folks found out I was not sick, they seemed to get disinterested when I told them there was no special diet, just a lifestyle change which had me running and eating healthier. Some who were in good shape nodded and smiled while others just tuned out after they found out I wasn’t drinking Virgin Yak blood smoothies or eating crushed Orangutan armpit hair with sprinkles of powdered Acai berry roots to magically drop weight. A no gimmicks weight loss was no longer interesting.

The “BOSS” was great with the weight loss but was concerned and seemed to jump at the chance to tell me to stop when I mentioned an ache or pain (noted to self early on: Keep injury reports to yourself). I think she was worried that I was going to start telling her to exercise here or eat that there...or don’t eat that there. Once that did not happen and she realized this was my lifestyle change, she pretty much jumped on board as a cheerleader or more of a silent cheerleader.

Our sons “A” & “B” seemed okay with everything I was doing. Son “B” is an athlete who can do 12 on a beep test and told me he can do better, Son “A” plays hockey and stays somewhat active so there were no issues there.

But I really had no outlet to talk about how I felt with the new me, or why I was running, that did not feel like I was bragging or being condescending to others.

Has anybody out there felt like this?

I think if I brought up Fartlek training at the kitchen table over supper, the “BOSS” and the boys would spit food across the kitchen for saying the word Fart (we would just start laughing and making fart noises). I also had this urge to connect with people who had gone through what I had, people who understood how hard it is sometimes to stay committed to a course.

So I started reading blogs...the 1st being Ray from DC Rainmaker when I bought my Garmin and wanted to know how to work it. Then SUAR cause she made me laugh about all kinds of crap, no pun intended and then it just went from there.

I think one thing I have learned is that you have to leave a little bit of yourself in every post to be believable, to be real. When you read about somebody’s exploits or rants or reviews, there has to be something human in it.

As a solitary runner, by choice, the blog world is my tangible connection to other runners. Your triumphs and failures become some of mine too. I do not feel like that recluse soul on a deserted island as I did when I first started changing my lifestyle. It’s nice to know I can always pop a post off and get some type of encouragement, dialogue, advice or spam from somewhere....and for that I am thankful.


Christi said...

"Orangutan" hair now that is just funny!

I have found a lot of support in the blog world and I am so glad that I took the chance in starting a blog. You are right it does make us feel connected to something and gives us a great outlet to share our feelings with others who understand the difficulty of our "lifestyle" changes.

Thanks for sharing your stories!

Adam said...

I'm the same way - solitary runner by choice. I don't like to feel like i'm slowing people down. Good call on blogs being a connection to others.

Caroline said...

Well after reading my last post you know I get what you say big time. I can also relate to the weight loss thing..I lost 70+ lbs, there's before and after pics on my blog, the before is not pretty. I get asked all the time about the magical way to loose magic here either and no surgery but It did start with sickness though unlike you. I made major lifestyle changes in the last year also. The blog world is a huge source of support and understanding for me as well. Sure makes me feel like I am not alone and that I am NOT crazy!!!

Teamarcia said...

So true for me too. I'm a lone wolf runner and need to spare my family and non running friends from too much shop talk. A blog is the perfect outlet.

Michelle said...

Yes! I am so thankful for the blog world on my weight loss journey. At first it was just a way for me to put it down and get ideas, then all of a sudden I had these followers and that brought on the accountability. And I've received a ton of support. It's been fantastic.