Sunday, February 20, 2011

Race Report, Winterman ½ Marathon, Ottawa

Brrrrrr, they call it the Winterman for a reason!!!  The race this morning was 4 – 5K loops plus a bit starting at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa and then running west on the Ottawa River Parkway and looping back after you got to Tunney’s Pasture.
-14°C at race start with a wind that made it feel like -21°C. Got to the race early (left the house at 5:25 AM) and had indoor parking…yea for me.  Assembled with the rest of the cattle for the “everybody” mass start regardless of distance and things actually went off pretty well but I messed up by not letting the Garmin get synced properly…had to shut off and restart…duh….I hates it when that happens.
So the race…well, I kept a pretty consistent pace thru the first 2 loops, suffered a bit more on the next 2 as my Gu Chomps were sticking in my teeth and were hard to swallow. There was 1 water point at the turnaround 2.5 km out. Try drinking water while you have Gu issues, a snotty nose and icicles hanging off your balaclava. Not for the faint of heart…and then hit that wind and suck down some cold air on top of that water…wheeeee!!!! So I only got 2 down and then said to hell with it. Just took water and gutted it out.
Final  Final, Final times are now out

Name - Immortal, Shawn  (my little joke, haha)
69th Finisher for 1/2
Time - 1:46:57 
Pace - 5:05
Place vs Gender 1/2 Marathoners -   58/145
Place in Age Group - 11/18
Men 45-49  
Splits -    24:20   24:58   25:51   26:15    5:34

I am really happy with this result for several reasons.
1st – Only 44 seconds slower than my Army run last Sept. During that run, I was not battling wind, cold, and multiple layers of clothing.
2nd – I was bad yesterday as I went shoe shopping after getting my race kit. I actually took a few pairs of my shoes and went to a place called “Sports 4”. Figured it was time to get a proper fitting based on wear patterns on my shoes. I did not get the girls name that helped me but she was great. I ended up with a new pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 13’s.

Man…they felt so good, I put them on when I got home and treaded around for a few hours in them…and then ran today’s race in them. I know…that’s a no-no but they felt just awesome and I could not help myself. Needless to say, I did not have any issues with the shoes.
3rd – I did not fuel for the back ½ of the race like I did at the Army ½ and the Kingdom Challenge….and I still hit a great time (and I didn't bonk). I think this means the extra miles and Hanson training plan is paying off. I will stick to the Marathon pace to be between 8:15 – 8:30. I will admit I was (am) tired but was happy that I finished  it on backbone and not much else.
So here is the bling from the race. Shirt is heavy cotton so that’s nice. Medal is kinda cool, if all else fails, I can use it as a Ninja Death Star and take out some competitors at future races.

I also learned a neat trick from the girl at Sports 4.
Note how the loops are used in the last couple of pics. She told me if you have a bit of heel slippage, you can loop it this way:
And it will pull the shoe a bit tighter to the foot and take away the slippage…who knew???? Now you do too, share and share alike….I thought maybe those extra holes were for free as a gift from the shoe Gods?

So, it has been a great day so far…I will call it "1" for Shawn, "0" for Old Man Winter(man).....and I now have the pleasure, issue of selecting a post race bubbly. The one on the left is a $10 stout that is calling my name….the Triple may wait for a bit but I think I will partake of a few of the Green King to match the Loop on the Race Bling I got today.

Enjoy the Daytona 500….go Jeff (Gordon) go

What did you do today? Did you whup Winters A$$?


Adam said...

Congrats!!! That IS a solid race time!!!

You're right, I remember seeing an article about the negative effects of both heat and cold. 10F degrees difference from 50 starts to have a negative effect. -20C would certainly fall into that!!

Nice choice on the beer - although, I would have gone for the stout (but I AM going for the IPA tonight) :)

Caroline said...

Congrats on your race!!! great time!
I use the same trick with my shoes! It works! I use same brand as your new ones.different model
I love them.

No watching racing cars for me..they had the Heritage Classic on TV...too bad my team got a hockey lesson from the Flames :(
and lost 4-0!

Chris K said...

That was a performance even Al Davis would be proud of.

That weather was cuh-razy. That alone is impressive.

Immortal day for Shawn, Immortal day for all of Canada.

Jamoosh said...

Nice race! Maybe they should have made everyone park outside and held the race in the parking garage!

Raegun said...

Well done, Shawn! You really did kick winter's ass. Thanks for the shoe tip....going to have to try that! ;)

Andrew Opala said...

1:46:57 !!!

Awesome but they have you at 68th.

Still awesome ... I'm a jealous wannabe!

Laura said...

Awesome...I cannot relate to you fast just envious.