Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Recap

January Totals:

19 Runs
134.44 Miles
12 days off

I guess I had better of enjoyed those days off as they will only be occurring every Wednesday on the current training schedule.

I am trying to stick to the prescribed times but I think they may be a bit low. When I ran my first ½, I just kind of did it with no goal in mind except to finish. I did that in 1:46:13.....I ran my 2nd ½ in 1:48 and change....but the 2nd run had a total elevation change of 2400 feet compared to almost nothing for the 1st.

So I will stick to the plan as is but have a ½ planned for Week 5 of the schedule. I will go out and run my best just to make sure that original time I put in the pace calculator was legit. Considering it is an 18 week sched, it should not cause any problems and if anything, it will solidify sticking to “THE PLAN”.

Tonight, speed workout with 6 X 800m at 10k pace with 400m rests in between. Hopefully the snow holds of till tomorrow as it is a pain running in the fluff and Wednesday is that rest day.

Also keeping up the 10 minute workouts, usually 1 per day after the run. Do not do the Cardio as it seems pointless after running 6-8 miles. I really do enjoy the Lower Body/ Total Body workout. Abs is a pain, but surprisingly,  I have a fair bit of flexibility for the Yoga workout.


Christi said...

Great running numbers! I wish my body would let me get up to that kind of monthly mileage!

Raegun said...

Wow - great mileage! Are you gearing up for "snowmaggedon"?! We're supposed to see 30cm before dawn in Toronto. Eek!

Chris K said...

I cannot believe you ran that many miles in that weather. You cold weather guys are freaking studs.