Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Felt the Need for Speed

Tuesdays on the sched are for Speed work...and then later on it will become Strength work.

I am supposed to do these at 10k pace which is, according to McMillan Pace Calc, 7:40 mins/mile.

Week 1 – 3 X 1600m with 400m recovery – Pace about 7:50

Week 2 – 6 X 800m with 400m recovery – Pace between 7:30-7:39

Week 3 – 400,800,1200,1200,800,400 Ladder
with 400m recovery – Pace between 6:49-7:23

I must admit, it was nasty here Tuesday at 4pm. The temp was -12 but the wind came up and made it feel like -24 °C.....So I just ran like a madman to get it done.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see the numbers when I got home as I don’t look at the Garmin while I’m doing the just beeps at me when to go and when to jog. Comparing the times for the distances saw a max difference of 3 seconds between the 1st distance compared to the 2nd distance.

BTW: Set up the ladder in the 305 using the Garmin Training Centre software, not as intimidating as I thought.

So today is a day off, no 10 minute Tony workout as I have taxi detail tonight. Missed yesterdays 10 minutes with Tony but was out shovelling again so I think that made up for it.

Thursday is 6m at marathon pace (8:30) but as mentioned earlier, I am running a half in 2 weeks so that race pace may change.

Have a great day...stay warm!


Kovas said...

The only benefit to living in winter = shovelling snow. Still would rather crosstrain in another manner.

Christi said...

Great job on the speed workout!

Chris K said...

Thanks Shawn, I'll be sure to stay warm.

Adam said...

Oh wow, you actually set up the ladder with your gamin!? That is some impressive skills.

Way to go on the speed.