Monday, February 7, 2011

Hide my Candy....please!!!!

Please note my last post...Packers by 6 was the prediction!!! Say no more!

Had a so-so weekend. Probably precipitated by my candy binging last week. About every 3 months or so, my sweet tooth bumps up my brain and screams...SUGAR. So I usually head off , sneak to the Bulk Barn and go nuts, sweets crazy!

Now, I learned this about myself years ago. Feed the fact, stuff so much of that crap down my throat as I can take cause then I’ll be sick of it and go cold turkey for a bit. And lo and behold, I have absolutely no want for that stuff today.

Do you binge & if you do, how do you get back on track?

Got in a solid 6 miles Saturday and was looking forward to an early run Sunday and then dig in for Superbowl really early (read: NAP). Unfortunately, we got about 5 inches of heart attack snow, that wet heavy crap. So I did my groceries first (checked out my routes to see if they had been plowed..yes...bonus), then snow blowed 2 driveways, went for an 8 mile run at easy pace, got home to shovel all the crap the plows had pushed back into the 2 driveways I just cleaned up. Another hour of pick it up and put it down...but what a Fasionista I was, snow blowing in the Lime green jacket and Under Armour tights. A few stares as the cars drove by...but what the hey, not going to change to push snow.

Did enjoy the Game but had a scare like everyone about the Steelers sneaking back into it. Made some awesome subs with cibata bread as well as Jumbo Shrimp and assorted CHEESE!!!!!

** NOTE **  Binging on CHEESE does not have same effect as binging on sweets...I cannot stop when I start binging on CHEESE...I am the Homer Simpson of CHEESE binging!!!

A little excited this week, I have my first 6 mile "race pace" training run scheduled for Thursday. I have felt so slow lately with this training plan, so hopefully I can pick it up and hammer a good one out. Definitely felt the 8 miler Sunday as the miles will now start to pile up and the fatigue will start setting in.

Quick 6 tonight after work and then speed work tomorrow.... I have to admit, I like it....makes the Wed rest day that much more enjoyable.

Have a great week folks...only a few more weeks till the Daytona 500 and another season of "turn left" or crash.


Emz said...

ummm yes. holy binge last night. gross. chips. bean dip. cookies. tacos ------ so gross to see this written.

back on track ----- 16 this morning. And swearing all that crap off until next year. ;)

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Better to bring on the cheese than pass the cheese, I say. I was rooting more against the Steelers than for the Packers. Way to predict the outcome.

Christi said...

Congrats to your Packers! I am glad that we had a good game.

Anonymous said...

Shawn = Carnac the Amazing!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Fellow binger here. I think it must be the weather because I've also felt slower & deader than butt lately!

Chris K said...

Shawn, you just may surprise yourself with your race pace run. I think you'll get into a groove for it. I used to stress on them and every single time after it was done I always wondered why I stressed on it.

And, thank you for your awesome comment and support lately. I love Canada.

Caroline said...

coming over from Chris K blog, cannot resist following a fellow Canadian, we need to stick together in this blogworld!! ha ha!
I am in exil in California but I do miss the snow, I know I am crazy