Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Jimmie Johnson Day (to me)!

I was having my usual ½ cantaloupe along with yogurt and berries for breakfast with a chaser of Tassimo “Skinny Latte” when my sons “A” & “B” told me to have a happy Jimmie Johnson day….followed by some hugs and kisses..

(Please note previous post where the cynic decrees that card days are just bad. Well, I make exceptions for days that involve increasing numbers …..no big deal to me unless it's others in the family, but apparently a big deal to others)
 The “BOSS” came home from a 12 hour and gave me a cute piece of folded paper with some kittens picture on it to make me smile along with some scratch tickets promising millions. I scratched my a$$ off but only won $4.00. Oh well…back to the grindstone for us.
Then I started thinking….I remember when I was Jeff Gordon…wow, I’m twice as good as that now!!!

Then I remembered when I was Elliot Sadler….what a hell raiser time that was. Make note to self – Do not tell boys all the shit, stuff you did…..they would never believe it and you would ground them for life if they ever tried any of that crap!

I only hope I’m this agile when I get to be Carl Edwards!!!!

Daytona 500 this weekend…and to celebrate my Jimmie Johnson Day, I have given myself the rest of the week off after 8 miles in the cold wind tonight. The weather is really weird around here lately with flash freezing, rain, snow and God knows what else. Better to just relax before the Sunday “Races” and focus on a good effort.
Supper tomorrow night with the “BOSS” and “A” & “B” at a local Greek place and then maybe a movie Thursday or Friday. I am really looking forward to it.
I will also be pulling for Jeff Gordon this weekend...I think he is due...might even put out a race report while quaffing a few bubbly's.

Have a great evening all......


Caroline said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Teamarcia said...

Hey you're in good company! My number came up at the deli of all places today--I considered it a lucky omen!
Happy birthday!

Chris K said...

Get er done.

What?! I'm gonna go Canada on you and say Bonne Anniversaire.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Ha - nice one! Happy b-day! Good luck with AJ Foyt, or whoever comes next year!

Christi said...

Have a great day!