Monday, February 28, 2011

I hate the treadmill (but it's not far to get home if you have a FAIL)

Last week I put in 34 miles. It was supposed to be more but I was a dough head. Lets just say I decided to do an easy 6 Monday after the ½ last Sunday and I got about 3 miles in and the right knee started nattering at me.....

I did the walk/hobble/stagger home and said no more running till Thursday. Went out Thursday and did an awesome 6 miles with no pain, Friday was 7 on the treadmill in the garage...(man it sucks to do that for 7 miles!!!) with no pain, Saturday was 6 with no Sunday should have been a cake walk...right? FOOL!!!!

The schedule showed a 12 miler. I fueled up good, put on the camelbak and headed out the door. Now we did get a bit of snow but I did not think it would make a difference. FAIL!!!!!!

My 12 miler was a great big circular route out in the country and then back home. No pain in the knee so it should not have been a problem? WRONG!!!

After dodging the snowplows and cars by running on the shoulder (which is usually clear on that route), my knee started to act up at mile 6. I guess that little bit of snow and my jumping back and forth between dry pavement and uneven snow put undo stress on the right knee and I was back doing the walk/hobble/stagger home....all 4 miles of it. Nice to run a circle route but sucks if it is an out and back circle (instead of being in the middle). LOSER!!!!

The funny thing is, no pain in the knee when I am walking. The only thing I can think of is that the sideways movement is straining the small muscles around the knee (ACL) and telling me to stop doing that. DUMBASS!!!!!

I will do my 6 on the treadmill tonight as we had freezing rain here last night and everything is slick as hell. Hopefully I won’t go buggy as I will put on some tunes for distraction, something I haven’t done for almost a year.

So we will see how it goes. From the time I started running till last week, I had only ever stopped once during a run...probably something I drank the night before had something to do with it.

So...I hope it is just a passing thing. I will go easy on the tread tonight....I wish spring was here already...I am so tired of this weather.

Mother nature, I surrender... you lousy B$%^#....bring me dry pavement please!!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I’m a little Late, but still Thankful on this Thursday, ED IV

When I get the blues, which does not happen often, I tend to try and read something inspiring.

While I have not had the blues lately, I tried to get son “B” to read a book of my choice in order to get his brain “thinking” about how good he has it. Unfortunately as the old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water.....”. So, I re-read it again myself.

More often than not, I read fiction. But every once in awhile, I find a true life book that perks me up a bit and makes me re-evaluate what’s “so blue” about my life.

I usually end up reading books cover to cover at least 4 times but this one has been read so much, it is near disintegrated and held together by a rubber band.

The autobiography of this man’s experience in Vietnam and his subsequent rehabilitation in a Navy hospital for 7 months is called “For Self & Country”.

It is not a novel for those who are faint of heart. The author, Rick Eilert writes a very graphic, honest and detailed portrait of his rehabilitation and his surgeries to keep his legs (left was the worst) after walking into a booby trap.

To read his descriptions of devastating wounds, amputations and burns as well as lives shattered and picked back up, gives a reader plenty to think about.

It is human because from his perspective, he (the author) often feels guilty about his own “feeling sorry” for himself when he sees wounds worse than his, which from what I read, are not many but are horrific.

So why would I ask my son to read this? The author himself mentions several times in the book that he truly believed getting wounded in war would be like treating a small flesh wound, a bandage and back to the front. He had absolutely no idea of the real horror behind war and the devastation it causes everybody involved. It is not pretty and you don’t just “magically” get fixed. Its brutal honesty is what makes it an eye opening read.

It also contains one of my favourite quotes from the author, something that I always try to remember when I am dealing with anybody in my life;

“Age is not a sum of years, it is a by-product of experience.”

They used to call the old guy in his ward “Gramps”....his age was 22.

So why in the Thankful Thursday post....well, I am thankful to have read this author and walked away with a better appreciation of what Vietnam did to people as I was too young to understand it while it was happening.

I am thankful that I can use the authors experience to put my troubles in perspective and maybe turn those troubles into challenges. And a lot of the time, putting things in perspective is about all you can do to get through another day.

What do you do when you get the blues? Do you have an inspiring read? Do you go somewhere special to re-group?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Turning back time...Thank-you Canada

Here is an interesting article from todays Ottawa Citizen. Testing was done on Mice.....

Here are some of the excerpts from the article;

"Canadian scientists appear to have proven that you can, in fact, run away from old age"

(See, I can be Immortal!!!!!)

"In what could stand up as the most powerful evidence yet that exercise prolongs life, a study by MacMaster University researchers in Hamilton found that signs of premature aging were halted - and even reversed - in virtually every tissue and organ in the bodies of exercised mice."

Later on;

"Epidermiological studies in humans have shown that people who are physically active or exercise regularly have fewer chronic diseases and tend to live longer - runners especially"

So, I think the article is a great read...but I of course am passing this on to people who already know this.

Have a great week.....back to training (the treadmill?) on Thursday.

Does this mean I can eat more CHEESE if I run longer???

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Race Report, Winterman ½ Marathon, Ottawa

Brrrrrr, they call it the Winterman for a reason!!!  The race this morning was 4 – 5K loops plus a bit starting at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa and then running west on the Ottawa River Parkway and looping back after you got to Tunney’s Pasture.
-14°C at race start with a wind that made it feel like -21°C. Got to the race early (left the house at 5:25 AM) and had indoor parking…yea for me.  Assembled with the rest of the cattle for the “everybody” mass start regardless of distance and things actually went off pretty well but I messed up by not letting the Garmin get synced properly…had to shut off and restart…duh….I hates it when that happens.
So the race…well, I kept a pretty consistent pace thru the first 2 loops, suffered a bit more on the next 2 as my Gu Chomps were sticking in my teeth and were hard to swallow. There was 1 water point at the turnaround 2.5 km out. Try drinking water while you have Gu issues, a snotty nose and icicles hanging off your balaclava. Not for the faint of heart…and then hit that wind and suck down some cold air on top of that water…wheeeee!!!! So I only got 2 down and then said to hell with it. Just took water and gutted it out.
Final  Final, Final times are now out

Name - Immortal, Shawn  (my little joke, haha)
69th Finisher for 1/2
Time - 1:46:57 
Pace - 5:05
Place vs Gender 1/2 Marathoners -   58/145
Place in Age Group - 11/18
Men 45-49  
Splits -    24:20   24:58   25:51   26:15    5:34

I am really happy with this result for several reasons.
1st – Only 44 seconds slower than my Army run last Sept. During that run, I was not battling wind, cold, and multiple layers of clothing.
2nd – I was bad yesterday as I went shoe shopping after getting my race kit. I actually took a few pairs of my shoes and went to a place called “Sports 4”. Figured it was time to get a proper fitting based on wear patterns on my shoes. I did not get the girls name that helped me but she was great. I ended up with a new pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 13’s.

Man…they felt so good, I put them on when I got home and treaded around for a few hours in them…and then ran today’s race in them. I know…that’s a no-no but they felt just awesome and I could not help myself. Needless to say, I did not have any issues with the shoes.
3rd – I did not fuel for the back ½ of the race like I did at the Army ½ and the Kingdom Challenge….and I still hit a great time (and I didn't bonk). I think this means the extra miles and Hanson training plan is paying off. I will stick to the Marathon pace to be between 8:15 – 8:30. I will admit I was (am) tired but was happy that I finished  it on backbone and not much else.
So here is the bling from the race. Shirt is heavy cotton so that’s nice. Medal is kinda cool, if all else fails, I can use it as a Ninja Death Star and take out some competitors at future races.

I also learned a neat trick from the girl at Sports 4.
Note how the loops are used in the last couple of pics. She told me if you have a bit of heel slippage, you can loop it this way:
And it will pull the shoe a bit tighter to the foot and take away the slippage…who knew???? Now you do too, share and share alike….I thought maybe those extra holes were for free as a gift from the shoe Gods?

So, it has been a great day so far…I will call it "1" for Shawn, "0" for Old Man Winter(man).....and I now have the pleasure, issue of selecting a post race bubbly. The one on the left is a $10 stout that is calling my name….the Triple may wait for a bit but I think I will partake of a few of the Green King to match the Loop on the Race Bling I got today.

Enjoy the Daytona 500….go Jeff (Gordon) go

What did you do today? Did you whup Winters A$$?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday, Edition III

2nd Chances. I am thankful for 2nd chances.

For having been on the receiving end of one and not finding out till years later that somebody went to bat for me and hit a homer.

For being on the giving end, looking at the big picture and the small moment and being bigger than I thought I was capable of.

Many years ago when I first got my drivers license, I had a nasty accident. I rolled my brothers Ford Maverick on a gravel road after blowing a tire (and going too fast). Luckily, my younger brother, a family friend and I had no injuries except for a cut cheek caused by a flying skate.

We flagged down a car and my brother headed for home to let my folks know. I eventually drove the car out of the ditch, changed the tire and drove to the RCMP station to report the accident. My father met me there and helped with the accident report and then drove all of us home. About 20 minutes later, we mysteriously ran out of milk and my dad casually tossed me his car keys and asked me to go get some for supper.

You sometimes never realize how much trust is passed in such a small gesture until you have kids of your own and you see the trust it takes to give a second chance. I don’t ever remember my folks raising their voices in anger at this incident…nor do I ever remember it being thrown in my face when I did something stupid later on while still living at home.

As I get older, I believe that life is all about 2nd chances. Getting and giving, forgiving and reflecting.

In my humble experience, cherish that 2nd chance when you get it, because as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, you will have to pay it forward to someone else sometime in your future.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yikesssss!!!! I bet he sings Soprano!!!

I got absolutely nothing on this guy.....and I thought running in the cold around here was something to crow about...check it out:

I get shivers just thinking about it!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Jimmie Johnson Day (to me)!

I was having my usual ½ cantaloupe along with yogurt and berries for breakfast with a chaser of Tassimo “Skinny Latte” when my sons “A” & “B” told me to have a happy Jimmie Johnson day….followed by some hugs and kisses..

(Please note previous post where the cynic decrees that card days are just bad. Well, I make exceptions for days that involve increasing numbers … big deal to me unless it's others in the family, but apparently a big deal to others)
 The “BOSS” came home from a 12 hour and gave me a cute piece of folded paper with some kittens picture on it to make me smile along with some scratch tickets promising millions. I scratched my a$$ off but only won $4.00. Oh well…back to the grindstone for us.
Then I started thinking….I remember when I was Jeff Gordon…wow, I’m twice as good as that now!!!

Then I remembered when I was Elliot Sadler….what a hell raiser time that was. Make note to self – Do not tell boys all the shit, stuff you did…..they would never believe it and you would ground them for life if they ever tried any of that crap!

I only hope I’m this agile when I get to be Carl Edwards!!!!

Daytona 500 this weekend…and to celebrate my Jimmie Johnson Day, I have given myself the rest of the week off after 8 miles in the cold wind tonight. The weather is really weird around here lately with flash freezing, rain, snow and God knows what else. Better to just relax before the Sunday “Races” and focus on a good effort.
Supper tomorrow night with the “BOSS” and “A” & “B” at a local Greek place and then maybe a movie Thursday or Friday. I am really looking forward to it.
I will also be pulling for Jeff Gordon this weekend...I think he is due...might even put out a race report while quaffing a few bubbly's.

Have a great evening all......

Monday, February 14, 2011

No “V” day for Me!!

I know I am a cynic.

 I don’t like Valentines Day and I never have since kindergarten when I asked a girl named Wendy to “Marry Me” and she ran home crying!!! I didn’t think I was that bad?

I also don’t like somebody decreeing when I should prove to the “BOSS” that I love her. Telling me to buy cards and crap just to say I care.

I have always been adamant about not buying her a present, flowers or even a card on the 14th because I was stubborn, cheap, heartless sure it would become an expectation.

I tell her I love her everyday when I get up and every night before bed....sometimes if there has been a battle, that “I love you” is substituted with a kiss. We have gone to bed mad before and probably will again, but we always seem to wake up and start right back where we were the night before with a better attitude than the evening before.

So last year, I did break down and I bought her some Chocolate Turtles...but I think the boys ate most of them. She was happy with the gesture and I think she knows where I come from now. I have always told her I will do most anything for her but not on Valentines Day.

And lo and behold, I did not get any flack this year...of course, she did get a dozen red roses at work last week...”just because”!

41 miles for last weeks total. Have a ½ to run this Sunday, supposed to be a high of -6 °C so it should be interesting. Will run Saturdays miles tomorrow instead of speed work, will still take Wed off and run 4 miles on Thurs and Fri with Saturday off. My training plan says run at my Marathon pace but methinks I will go and do my best to see it the pace I am looking at for the marathon is accurate. It is presently between 8:15 – 8:30 mins/mile.

So there ya go.

Are you in the same boat as me with Valentines? Is it just too commercialized most every “card buying” event in the world? Am I the last great cynic?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday, ED. II

I am thankful for the blog world.

When I started losing weight and getting into shape, most people did not even know I had lost weight until they seen old pictures of me. Those that I had not seen for a few months, immediately noticed and complemented me on my “New” look.

Then the questions usually started, “Are you sick”? Or “Which diet are you on”? Or “Did you get surgery”? (Just kidding on the last one, but I imagine some thought it!)

Once folks found out I was not sick, they seemed to get disinterested when I told them there was no special diet, just a lifestyle change which had me running and eating healthier. Some who were in good shape nodded and smiled while others just tuned out after they found out I wasn’t drinking Virgin Yak blood smoothies or eating crushed Orangutan armpit hair with sprinkles of powdered Acai berry roots to magically drop weight. A no gimmicks weight loss was no longer interesting.

The “BOSS” was great with the weight loss but was concerned and seemed to jump at the chance to tell me to stop when I mentioned an ache or pain (noted to self early on: Keep injury reports to yourself). I think she was worried that I was going to start telling her to exercise here or eat that there...or don’t eat that there. Once that did not happen and she realized this was my lifestyle change, she pretty much jumped on board as a cheerleader or more of a silent cheerleader.

Our sons “A” & “B” seemed okay with everything I was doing. Son “B” is an athlete who can do 12 on a beep test and told me he can do better, Son “A” plays hockey and stays somewhat active so there were no issues there.

But I really had no outlet to talk about how I felt with the new me, or why I was running, that did not feel like I was bragging or being condescending to others.

Has anybody out there felt like this?

I think if I brought up Fartlek training at the kitchen table over supper, the “BOSS” and the boys would spit food across the kitchen for saying the word Fart (we would just start laughing and making fart noises). I also had this urge to connect with people who had gone through what I had, people who understood how hard it is sometimes to stay committed to a course.

So I started reading blogs...the 1st being Ray from DC Rainmaker when I bought my Garmin and wanted to know how to work it. Then SUAR cause she made me laugh about all kinds of crap, no pun intended and then it just went from there.

I think one thing I have learned is that you have to leave a little bit of yourself in every post to be believable, to be real. When you read about somebody’s exploits or rants or reviews, there has to be something human in it.

As a solitary runner, by choice, the blog world is my tangible connection to other runners. Your triumphs and failures become some of mine too. I do not feel like that recluse soul on a deserted island as I did when I first started changing my lifestyle. It’s nice to know I can always pop a post off and get some type of encouragement, dialogue, advice or spam from somewhere....and for that I am thankful.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Felt the Need for Speed

Tuesdays on the sched are for Speed work...and then later on it will become Strength work.

I am supposed to do these at 10k pace which is, according to McMillan Pace Calc, 7:40 mins/mile.

Week 1 – 3 X 1600m with 400m recovery – Pace about 7:50

Week 2 – 6 X 800m with 400m recovery – Pace between 7:30-7:39

Week 3 – 400,800,1200,1200,800,400 Ladder
with 400m recovery – Pace between 6:49-7:23

I must admit, it was nasty here Tuesday at 4pm. The temp was -12 but the wind came up and made it feel like -24 °C.....So I just ran like a madman to get it done.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see the numbers when I got home as I don’t look at the Garmin while I’m doing the just beeps at me when to go and when to jog. Comparing the times for the distances saw a max difference of 3 seconds between the 1st distance compared to the 2nd distance.

BTW: Set up the ladder in the 305 using the Garmin Training Centre software, not as intimidating as I thought.

So today is a day off, no 10 minute Tony workout as I have taxi detail tonight. Missed yesterdays 10 minutes with Tony but was out shovelling again so I think that made up for it.

Thursday is 6m at marathon pace (8:30) but as mentioned earlier, I am running a half in 2 weeks so that race pace may change.

Have a great day...stay warm!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hide my Candy....please!!!!

Please note my last post...Packers by 6 was the prediction!!! Say no more!

Had a so-so weekend. Probably precipitated by my candy binging last week. About every 3 months or so, my sweet tooth bumps up my brain and screams...SUGAR. So I usually head off , sneak to the Bulk Barn and go nuts, sweets crazy!

Now, I learned this about myself years ago. Feed the fact, stuff so much of that crap down my throat as I can take cause then I’ll be sick of it and go cold turkey for a bit. And lo and behold, I have absolutely no want for that stuff today.

Do you binge & if you do, how do you get back on track?

Got in a solid 6 miles Saturday and was looking forward to an early run Sunday and then dig in for Superbowl really early (read: NAP). Unfortunately, we got about 5 inches of heart attack snow, that wet heavy crap. So I did my groceries first (checked out my routes to see if they had been plowed..yes...bonus), then snow blowed 2 driveways, went for an 8 mile run at easy pace, got home to shovel all the crap the plows had pushed back into the 2 driveways I just cleaned up. Another hour of pick it up and put it down...but what a Fasionista I was, snow blowing in the Lime green jacket and Under Armour tights. A few stares as the cars drove by...but what the hey, not going to change to push snow.

Did enjoy the Game but had a scare like everyone about the Steelers sneaking back into it. Made some awesome subs with cibata bread as well as Jumbo Shrimp and assorted CHEESE!!!!!

** NOTE **  Binging on CHEESE does not have same effect as binging on sweets...I cannot stop when I start binging on CHEESE...I am the Homer Simpson of CHEESE binging!!!

A little excited this week, I have my first 6 mile "race pace" training run scheduled for Thursday. I have felt so slow lately with this training plan, so hopefully I can pick it up and hammer a good one out. Definitely felt the 8 miler Sunday as the miles will now start to pile up and the fatigue will start setting in.

Quick 6 tonight after work and then speed work tomorrow.... I have to admit, I like it....makes the Wed rest day that much more enjoyable.

Have a great week folks...only a few more weeks till the Daytona 500 and another season of "turn left" or crash.

Friday, February 4, 2011

BK or Die!

First of all, my apologies for my last manuscript, dissertation, post. After re-reading it, I came to the realization that it could be 3 part made for TV mini-series.

Yikessss, note to self....spit it out son and get it done.

Next Up:

Where does your inspiration come from?

I have avidly been following the exploits of Chris K at BQ or Die. And I have decided to mimic his site...only mine will be called BK or Die.

Every few months, a buddy and I do the BK lunch thing. I now remember why that freaky King runs everywhere...he’s got the trots from eating a Whopper w/cheese, no tomato! Throw in some greasy onion rings and you have the fuel to get you to BAAAWSTON, no worries!

Had a good run last night after yesterdays BK lunch fuel stop. All the extra snow here made it one of those ankle bender exercise type runs. The sidewalks were good for the beginning and the end portions of the run but the middle was brutal. People had put their snow on the sidewalks or the sidewalk cleaner had done it’s work ½ way through the storm. Kinda a run/steeplechase type thing. Yeeech!!!!!!!

These conditions actually had the “Virtual” runner ahead of me ½ way through the run. Needless to say, I picked it up on the back half to stay in line with the plan (and not get chicked)!

I also get to try out a new gizmo tonight. After all my ranting about cars, visibility and trying not to be roadkill, I bought a headband/lamp thing. In the past few weeks, I have been getting the run in right after work so I have been ending just as it is getting dark. Tonight however, I have to go get the peepers checked and probably select some new eyewear. Therefore, the run tonight will be in the dark cause I don’t think I’ll get to it before 5pm. At least the cars might see me as I dodge them.

A couple of other things......Andrew of Running Man Wannabe fame did a piece on automated posting. I just wanted you to know Andrew, I would have come looking for you soon if I did not see a post in the next day or 2.

With that being said, I also miss the posts of Q. Wherever you are, know that I miss your kick A$$ blog. Hope you are still following once in awhile and doing fine!

So, have a great weekend, good luck Chris and all other runners racing this weekend,

“You can do it!!!!”

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.
“Vince Lombardi”

Packers by 6

Saturday job: Find a beer with a Green/Gold Label.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I figure if a cat has 9 lives, I must have about a 100.  

I have done some truly stupid things during my brief stay on Earth and I am always amazed at the resiliency of the human psyche to absorb, learn and carry on with life.

So, in an effort to remind myself how thankful I should be, I am going to attempt a post once a week for that purpose.

Today’s effort was started by a batch of cold weather that came sweeping through Southern Ontario in the last few weeks. Cold temperatures cause dry skin and the increased use of skin moisturizers.

I am constantly applying hand creams to keep my skin supple and protected. If you have ever had dry skin split from the cold, it is not pleasant. So much to my surprise a couple of mornings ago, I was drying myself off after a shower and came across a piece of dry skin around the front of my ankle (below and between the pointy ankle bones) about 5 inches long and about 1-1 ½ inches wide......

KERZAP cue haunting music and Mike Meyers doing "Wayne's World" going nununuunh nunununnuh

Sketches also often included dream sequences where Wayne and Garth imagine themselves in fantasy settings. The sequences were introduced with Wayne and Garth Algar imitating a stereotypical television fade-out by waving their arms in front of them and imitating a commonly used fade-out sound effect accompanied by an excerpt from Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver".

Thank-you Wikipedia mind goes back 40+ years to being a 5 year old, outside on a beautiful summer day, playing kick the can with a bunch of neighbourhood kids. The area we were playing in was about a block or two from our house out by a garbage pile that was being burned off and on. Now you have to remember, this was the 60’s and we were not quite as environmentally astute as we are today. Needless to say, this pile was not only an eyesore, it was also dangerous...and before you jump all over my parents, my next oldest brother was with me and in those days, you just went out and played. Cars did not go 100 miles an hour down the street, nobody locked their houses (till I took their cheese) and all the parents watched out for the kids as if they were their own.

Back to the one of the kids kicked the can onto the garbage pile. Being as I was “it” and the pile was not burning, I went and grabbed the can to place it down and restart the clock. Unfortunately, when I stepped up the get the can, my right foot sunk about a foot into the ground. Unbeknownst to all of us, the garbage pile had started a peat fire:

Peat, or turf, is an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation matter or histisol. Peat forms in wetland bogs, moors, muskegs...

Peat has a high carbon content and can burn under low moisture conditions. Once ignited by the presence of a heat source (e.g. a wildfire penetrating the subsurface), it smolders. These smoldering fires can burn undetected for very long periods of time (months, years and even centuries) propagating in a creeping fashion through the underground peat layer.

Thank-you again Wikipedia

When my foot sunk, my rubber boot got stuck in this hole and I could not get my foot out. It was shortly there after that the boot started melting around my foot and I started screaming. My brother came and finally pulled me out and carried me 2 blocks home (he was 7 at the time, my big brother hero!). Needless to say my Mom went right into action....and my boot and all ended up in the kitchen sink full of cold water. I remember the boot getting cut off my foot and then I really don’t remember much after that. Whether I blocked it out or “lost” some memories due to concussions (more stories about later) I can’t for the life of me remember anymore about that day.

My mom always told me she was so mad at the Dr.’s at the hospital because they wouldn’t do a skin graft on my ankle. In their defence, the burned portion of my ankle is dead center on the front, right where the foot meets the bottom of the shin bone....and the burns were 3rd degree. I would have had to been immobilized for anything to take at that spot. And I guess I was not the best patient as I could not sit still (I do remember that I would not stay in the hospital bed....I kept sneaking out) and let things heal. Apparently my foot got infected twice and they considered amputating more than once. My Mom and Dad said NO!

Eventually it did heal and I have had ZERO side effects from that incident. I still have scar tissue but I never lost any range of mobility in my right foot/ankle. Kudos’ to my parents who never held me back from anything and would not let me use that ankle as an excuse in life as to why I could not do something. As I am now a parent, it must have been hard for them to just watch (and bite their tongues) and hope things worked out.

So, I am thankful to have everything I brought into this world still attached to me. I am overjoyed that at this point in my life, I can go run and be pain free.

Amazing how you can forget about incidents for years at a time and then one day it just smacks you in the side of the head as if it was yesterday!

Ever had a close call? Flirted with Disaster? Did something stupid that made you scratch your head later?

Also, welcome aboard and hello to the new folks who decided to follow the blog publicy. Enjoy the read!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beat the Snow Storm of the Century

Got my speed interval in today before the big snow:

6 X 800 with 400m jog.....

  • 3:46
  • 3:47
  • 3:36
  • 3:35
  • 3:47
  • 3:49
If I was a Sniper, that would be a tight group.

Please note elevation & heartrate profiles for said intervals:

 Grand total of 5.2 miles...add in a 10 minute lower body workout and I deserve a rest...gotta shovel tomorrow.

Later eh!!

January Recap

January Totals:

19 Runs
134.44 Miles
12 days off

I guess I had better of enjoyed those days off as they will only be occurring every Wednesday on the current training schedule.

I am trying to stick to the prescribed times but I think they may be a bit low. When I ran my first ½, I just kind of did it with no goal in mind except to finish. I did that in 1:46:13.....I ran my 2nd ½ in 1:48 and change....but the 2nd run had a total elevation change of 2400 feet compared to almost nothing for the 1st.

So I will stick to the plan as is but have a ½ planned for Week 5 of the schedule. I will go out and run my best just to make sure that original time I put in the pace calculator was legit. Considering it is an 18 week sched, it should not cause any problems and if anything, it will solidify sticking to “THE PLAN”.

Tonight, speed workout with 6 X 800m at 10k pace with 400m rests in between. Hopefully the snow holds of till tomorrow as it is a pain running in the fluff and Wednesday is that rest day.

Also keeping up the 10 minute workouts, usually 1 per day after the run. Do not do the Cardio as it seems pointless after running 6-8 miles. I really do enjoy the Lower Body/ Total Body workout. Abs is a pain, but surprisingly,  I have a fair bit of flexibility for the Yoga workout.