Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter is nature's way of saying, "Up yours." ~Robert Byrne

Good Afternoon Blog World,

My morning started rather "cool" this morning. The
"BOSS" came home from a 12 hour shift complaining that
she has to get a remote car starter. I somewhat heard this
from the bed where I was doing my best imitation of
sleeping that I could possibly do. Needless to say that
illusion disappeared quickly as my new job became "BOSS"
warmer upper. She was like one big ice cube and I was told
not to leave the bed till she, "MY QUEEN" was warm. Talk
about a frosty reception!!!! So after 20 minutes of being
the heater, I went and ran 11 miles in this:

That was not too bad but the wind was up and it actually
felt like -28°C, so I ended up the run looking like this:

And the inside of my jacket looked like this (yes..that is

And it was even frozen between the outer shirt and the wicking shirt I was wearing
(everybody all at once..."OOOOOEEEEWWWWW   GROSS!!!!!):

And being the sick little puppy I am, I loved this run.
I scared some ducks:

I seen some crazy people (the guy on the snowmobile
around open water and look at the folks in the boat in
the back):

So I don’t really think I’m nuts…but they are. I also seen
tracks of other runners, so I know they were out there.
I am thinking it is about time for a photo contest on who
can get the frostiest.

Lee, Andrew, Laura and Neil run in some nasty conditions
 too and should be able to post some pics of their runs…..
to give those warm weather slackers a little
motivation. Maybe make them stop complaining about how
hot it is...ooooohh, I feel so bad!

I think the best frostiest picture around here will be the
frosty head on my beer as I can sit and watch football
today “guilt free”.

Still takin Da Pack and Da Steelers.

Stay warm my friends, stay warm....

What’s the most extreme weather you have run in…hot or


Chris K said...

What planet do you live on? Reading about you guys running in the cold is truly inspiring to me. I'm not joking at all. Nice job.

Shawn said...

We live on Planet Canada (In my best Robot voice). You just do what you gotta do man, no secrets...just get er done!!

Christi said...

Damn that looks very cold!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

You crazy Canadian (forgive me for saying that on my first post to your blog). I can't imagine running in those temps, but I admire you for it. Almost looks like the cold got to ya and you decided to join the local polar bear swim and go for a dip.