Saturday, January 8, 2011

Running on - running on empty, Running on - running blind, Running on - running into the sun, But I'm running behind. Jackson Browne

I went for a run this morning with maybe just a bit of a
plan to stretch it out. I want to try some different stuff
and basically push myself to the limit with little or no
extras in my run.

IE – No extra water (I hydrate well before leaving), no
Clif Shots or GU Chomps or Sharkies.

I want to see what I can really take during a run. What is
my limit is when I’m “Running on Empty”.

Here’s how it went:

Me: Hey, I feel good today, extra rice with supper last
night, nice carb breakfast with some fruit, 2 cups o java,
all other issues took care of themselves…lets go runnin!!!

Alter Ego (AE): Ah shit….I hates it when you’re happy!

Me: Hey, I mentioned in an earlier post that we were going
to shake things up a bit and run for the end, not the

AE: I wanted to go back TO BED!!!! How many Saturdays
do I really get to do NOTHING IDIOT!!!!

Me: Exactly, let’s get some stuff done before the Football
starts today and then we can watch with nothing on the

AE: I have no conscience so this is no value to me!  Why
do I always get sucked into this stuff?

Me: Because we are a package deal man….a team. Frick &
Frack, Martin & Lewis, Cheech & Chong…you know.

AE: More like Dumb & Dumber….

Me: We have beer at home…

AE: Ahhh Kimosabe, you know me too well….I will do my
best to sabotage, nag, be positive on the run…but no

Me: Okay…and I have the final say when we stop…right?

AE: Wait a minute, what kinda beer?

Me: Well we have a Trafalger Bock that we might start off

Me: Then maybe this Innes & Gunn Limited Edition IPA
(only 68000 bottles done) but we may save that for Super

Me: But will definitely have a few Steam

….and maybe I give you the day off tomorrow....
How’s that?

AE: You got a deal…let’s shake it out man!!! (a few hours
later…I love YOP)

So here were the splits from the Garmin. I never really
tanked until I got to the last 4 kms. And I did know I was
toast…happy, but toast (ed).

Time     Distance    Split time    Split distance    Split pace

0:27:41   5.00         27:41         5.00            5:32

0:55:43   10.00       28:01          5.00            5:36

1:24:23   15.00       28:40          5.00            5:44

1:53:30    20.00      29:06          5.00            5:49

2:21:05    24.42      27:34          4.42            6:14

So now its time to go have a few frosties at the bar. I do love football and made this as a side project one year. It’s 8 feet long and 3 feet wide at the center. We have had quite a few tilts & sips at this place on the 4 accompanying Captains chairs.

So today’s predictions are:
Seattle over NO
Indy over Da Jets
Balt over KC
And finally
GB over Philly
Game is just starting…gotta run and help be the 12th Man

cheers all



Andrew Opala said...


I bow before the master.

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Maybe you should have your boss (wife) get a sling shot, and shoot that devil off your shoulder. Then maybe you can have some peace :)


Anonymous said...

Nice run and some nice brews! Sweet.

Lee said...

I think we have the same alter ego!

Chris K said...

Look at the Canadian going 3 for 4 on NFL picks, including SEA over NO. And what a surprise that Jamoosh read a post about beer.

Adam said...

Wow, you went 3/4 on the picks. Nice work.