Thursday, January 27, 2011

Patience is the ability to count down before you blast off. ~Author Unknown

In a previous post, I had mentioned that I was doing up a game plan for my first Marathon.

It is done. I am using the Hanson Brothers 18 week schedule (I started this past Monday, link points out full story) I found in a runners magazine which proclaims:


Instead of doing some big mileage runs for training, the longest long run is 16 miles……but the total number of miles a week is high between speed & strength training, marathon pace runs, long runs and recovery runs.

The idea is that the total mileage will be taxing for awhile but then the body will adapt and gain stamina…much like the analogy of building up of a callus on a hand from shovelling over and over and over again. It hurts for awhile and then you gradually get used to it…and it becomes the norm. I am also working in a daily 10 minute workout(s) from Tony Horton’s video series involving total body, abs, lower body, cardio and yoga.

A tall order for me because even though I already do a lot of mileage, I usually just run at whatever pace I feel like. Every run now is structured to maintain a certain pace to promote the best overall gain from each type of run. This will be the hard part for me. When I feel like letting it rip, it may be a recovery day and I will have to realize I may be harming myself in the “BIG PICTURE”.

The 10 minute workouts are also new as I realize that I HAVE TO build more core strength. I also know that less weight = more speed therefore the 192 lbs I carry now will be pared down to about 180 if things go right and I monitor better what I eat.

So, I will need to be patient and follow the plan.

It would put me at a 8:33 mins/mile pace for a 3:44 Marathon.

**NOTE** - Pace calculated using the McMillan Pace Calculator at a 1:46:13 Half Marathon time.

Are you a patient plan follower????


Emz said...

"big picture".

Sounds. awesome.

YAY for core work too!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Best wishes with your training. I've tried a couple of different plans, including this one - it will be great to follow your progress. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have to be honest. This is a BIG disappointment. When you said
Hanson Brothers" I was thinking "Slapshot."

Kovas said...

That was a great article and the author was successful, so you will be too (that's how it works).

"…you can only drink so much and sc**w so much."

Chris K said...

I'm with Jamoosh, especially considering your Canadian. But no, your post was about boring ol' training plans.

Seriously, that sounds great. Really. 3:44 would be sweet.