Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's the Little Things that Count.....

I would like to pass along a life lesson today.

I had a crappy end to the holiday season. Luckily I got my 900 miles in (DEC 30th) cause Mr. Murphy would have won had I not got that last run in. I picked up a "nasty ass"= BAD sinus/throat thing that made my life miserable for New Years. In fact, I spent New Years morning with ice packs on my sinus's cause they were just killing me!

I did not get out for a run until yesterday and man did it feel good. Still have the sinus's buggered but also got in a 11+ k run in today that gave me faith that all would be wonderful again soon.

But, back to todays life lesson. As I mentioned a few posts ago, I make bread over the holidays (and if you follow the link, you will know why) and this year was no exception as I made 18 loaves for distribution (the most ever). Now, you have to be very good to get bread....it does not come cheap....no freebies around here.

Last night I was having one of my low cal snacks...popcorn and beer...and I lost a filling. Luckily there was zero pain and after I got to work this morning, I called the dentists office and left a message that I needed to get in...soon. I got a call back about 1/2 hr later asking me if 3pm worked. No problemo I said, I will be there. I was in the seat at 3pm, out and gone by 3:45. But what was surprising was 2 things;
  • The waiting room was packed and I got in.... 
  • and the Dentist remarked how much she liked the bread I had dropped off at the office over the holidays (along with all the staff) and how much she enjoyed it for as long as it lasted...which apparently wasn't long!!
Life is full of the little things you do. I make bread and pass it out because it makes me feel good. I enjoy seeing the pleasure people have when they take that first bite....or if they have gotten the bread before, knowing how much they anticipate that first bite.

Somebody helped me with my BITE today as a direct result of my unselfeshness (if that's a word?). And that made me feel very good about myself .....just a little thing but sometimes those little things mean so much. Sometimes it takes so little of ourselves to make a difference in someones day.

I truly believe that you get as good as you give. 

What have you done for nothing lately? 

Or do you give freely all the time?


Anonymous said...

I give free advice; does that count...

Kovas Palubinskas said...

I'm a taker and not a giver. What's an "ass sinus/throat" and where did you pick it up?

Shawn said...

I have clarified "nasty ass" Kovas...and sure Jamoosh, everybody loves free advice!

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Sorry you're still feeling crappy! Better you than me :)

Ok, so after a comment you made on my blog, I have been searching for a Tracy Jordan quote from 30 Rock. Your comment totally reminded me of this:

"There you are, you stupid cracker. Do you know why I get a hotel room? To poop in peace! No kids banging on the door, no phones ringing. It's my time! Every Tuesday and Thursday at three PM. I don't know why I only go twice a week."


Stacie said...

You follow me, I follow you! I don't mind at all, and thanks for reading!

Chris K said...

"No Problemo", I don't know you guys spoke spanish in Canada. I give super witty comments on other people's Blogs all day long.