Friday, January 7, 2011

The Friday Rant

Here is the headline on the website:

Attention:  Who Else Wants To lose 12-28lbs per month using North America's most rapid and effective weight loss program or your money back?

This is advertising from a weight loss company around here. It makes me cringe when I see those types of numbers being tossed around. These advertisements are usually accompanied by before and after pictures of customers. We always see the success stories...but where are the people who are not succesful and what percentage are they of clients?

Now, have I researched this company, checked it out, gone through the front door?


Do I plan to?


I guess the rant is NOT this:

This is not about people who are overweight. No self respecting runner, cyclist, tri-athlete, walker, etc... would ever give someone a hard time about their weight when they see them out exercising or making an effort to have a healthier lifestyle. I would like to think that the majority of us are very supportive and some of us have been there before.

I guess the rant (or questions looking for answers) is this:

How much does society as a whole pay for these weight loss “quick fix’s”?

How can you possibly lose 12-28 lbs per month and still be healthy?

How long do people stay on the wagon after they hit their goal doing it this way?

If you have weight issues, why not go to your Dr. first and figure out what you have to do to lose lbs in a healthy way? Is it is embarrassment? The fear of being told you have a lot of work ahead of you? Or is it the fact that you know in your heart you have an issue and now someone you hopefully trust is going to confirm your worst fear....and then you will have to address it?

In this day and age of Internet and information availability, why would you not research using the key words “healthy” & “weight loss”?

I think it’s because we want a quick fix......just like most everything else these days.

We don’t want to have to work at it, or wait for it, or sacrifice for it. And it’s not just’s  in everything we do from fast banking to fast food.

Am I perfect? Close....ahhh but sadly no. I like the odd quick greasy burger too.

Am I ranting to the converted?

Probably for the most part yes.

But there are those lurkers out there (I am was one too!) who are looking for answers of how people can continue to run, bike or walk mile after mile with that grimace of pain on their faces and then afterwards tell everybody how great it was. The funny thing is, it really is great after....even after a shitty run (no pun intended for those with shit issue’s), you still feel better for doing it.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

On another note, how many folks out there wear blinkers when they run at night and do they help you avoid being road fodder (another close call last night)?

I near got tagged at a lit intersection by a car turning right when I had the pedestrian cross lit. Lucky for me I act like that gopher from Caddyshack when he pops his head out of the hole for a’s always on a swivel going back and forth..scanning!

Enjoy the weekend....shawn


Laura said...

We live in a society where the quick fix and easy route rule. I know - I was there. Only now that I have committed to proper eating, running, spinning I know the journey is forever.
I wear bliking lights (from RoadID) and reflective stuff..and always stop for cars. They will always win.

Chris K said...

I wear a reflector vest, blinking red light clipped to the back of my hat, and a bright white light on my forehead. When it comes to drivers, I assume NOTHING.

Shawn, I think your weather gadget is broken cuz it keeps showing that it's below zero.

Forward Foot Strides said...

Those quick fixes for weight loss are easy come easy go. The weight likely won't stay off.

You know what, I had a shitty run today, and I feel awesome!