Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Rant, VER 2.0

Rant as defined by Wikipedia:

A rant is a speech or text that does not present a calm argument; rather, it is typically an enthusiastic speech or talk or lecture on an idea, a person or an institution. Compare with a dialectic.
Rants can be based on partial fact or may be entirely factual but written in a comedic/satirical form.
Rants can also be used in the defense of an individual, idea or organization. Rants of this type generally occur after the subject has been attacked by another individual or group.

Subject of Today’s rant....Runner VS Vehicle.

Many years ago, I used to ride my bike to work (about 3 miles) each way. The law in the province I was riding in stated that (my interpretation), I had every right to be on the road (not the shoulder) and I was considered to be a vehicle. Now being the self-righteous dude that I was at that time, I figured everyone should cut me some slack and follow the rules of the road and give me my space. Why should I ride on the shoulder when I am ALLOWED on the road? Needless to say, the first few times I attempted to exert my right, I near became part of the pavement via big Gravel Trucks as most of my ride was on the highway. I soon learned you can be as right as you want but it won't mean much when you’re dead.

I have found exactly the same thing with running and vehicles. I admit that I don't have a flashing light for running at night...but I do have some reflective clothes and my jacket is high visibility lime green.....but the problem is most drivers do not looks for runners...even during the day. Drivers continually creep through stop signs, run lights, don’t use turn signals or do all other sorts of things that are a distraction to driving. And we live in a society that says (when we try to enforce the RULES) why spend time on little things like traffic violations when banks are being robbed, terrorists are everywhere and people are being murdered?

It is my take that if you don't enforce the little things, how can you possibly control the big things?

Take the example that you have a small stone in your shoe. If you don't deal with that "LITTLE" problem, it will for sure, soon, very soon, be a big problem.

So as far as I see it:

"Society as a whole is allowing the little things to slip...with no regard for the effect of its actions"

"Rules are made for people who cannot see the future effect of their actions"

or if I make a leap,

"Rules/Laws are made for people who have not learned a lesson from their past mistakes and therefore have no regard or regret for their future actions"

I make mistakes. I have made driving mistakes. Yes I have participated in speeding (but I will pay the fine, no argument from me).....But I try to learn from my mistakes and try not to do it again. Unfortunately, many drivers get away with something once and all of a sudden it becomes the norm. 

Now on last nights run, a guy in a truck waited for me just like the law says…he followed the rules……Perhaps this was a sign…don’t do the rant.

Then I went through all the things on this blog that are questionable…things that I have done wrong, and maybe I should look in the mirror instead of pointing fingers:

·        I’ve snagged pics off the internet that may or may not be copyrighted,
·        borrowed quotes (but no plagiarism),
·        snuck race photo’s,
·        blah,
·        blah,
·        blah.

And I thought..Maybe I shouldn’t write this post.

And then it all went for a crap. Got to a light and watched a guy honk his horn at the car ahead of him for not going fast enough…course the guy in front was running a red light and the guy behind was bound and determined to follow him…and he wanted to get er done…like NOW. If I would have crossed the road…can you say road kill X 2!!! Then I hit some really residential areas and got scared when a car came around the icy corner at way better than the speed limit not to mention the road conditions and did a skid right by me (and yes, I was on the sidewalk)….I mean man, RANT was back on!!!

So…don’t trust cars/trucks/buses…you name it. Grow 4 sets of eyes when your running anywhere that vehicles may be…as Chris K commented to me one day on a post…”Never trust a car”…I concur!!!

In other news, I put in some good miles this week.

Had my big run on Saturday of about 25k , took a few days off and ran Tues/Wed/Thurs.

Killed Tuesday as I felt the need for SPEED. I was just doing time on Wed and last night got in a solid effort. Numbers looked like this:

Tues -13.25 km (8.24m)            1:05:34 4:56 mins/km (7:57 mins/m)

Wed -10.20 km (6.34m)            58:03   5:41 mins/km (9:09 mins/m)

Thur -10.25 km (6.37m)            57:39   5:37 mins/km (9:03 mins/m)

I also worked on dynamic stretching for cool downs as opposed to static stretching for cool downs. It was mentioned to me that static stretching should be used by hurdlers or gymnasts....but wait a minute.....hmmm...have I not been using those skills to dodge traffic during my runs???...maybe I should rethink that????

Have a great weekend all

Predictions are:

Green Bay
New England
And the Upset…Seattle

Have a great weekend and keep dodgin’ them wheels


Jamoosh said...

You would be surprised what wearing some well placed flashing red lights will do for you (at least in the dark). Drivers typically slow down when they see red lights, whether it be a turn signal, brake lights, or whatever to identify what is going on in front of them. Sure, after identifying you they may still decide to run you down, but youcan use the precious seconds to your advantage.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

I've heard dynamic stretching before a workout and static stretching after - now static is totally out?

Shawn said...

Apparently it is now Dynamic before and dynamic after. I will try most anything once....

Raegun said...

This is why I'm afraid to leave the sidewalk on most days in my neighborhood. I don't trust vehicles on clear days let alone in snowy conditions. Stay safe!!!

I barely remember to do any stretching pre or post run. I had better learn from you & Kovas, ha ha.