Saturday, December 18, 2010


Man O man, what a difference a good nights sleep can do for you!!

The Boss was up early to go to work and I stayed in bed...wheeeee for me as I am usually up within 10 minutes of her being gone. Crawled out around 8:15, had a coffee and a banana......and did some street running in the Spikes. We have had snow around here for a bit now and even though they clean the sidewalks, there is still a layer of slushy crap on them. So, if you are up early enough, it is pretty safe to run the streets...facing traffic of course. So considering that I had other chores today, I hammered out a very respectable 7 miles in my best pace since Dec 2nd. I think the fact that I was not churning up so much slush made a huge difference in the time.

Check out my winter form here (thanx for the posing lessons Adam:
And yes, as gross as it is, that dark stuff on the green is sweat from the run, not from the snow. I DO NOT PERSPIRE folks....I FREAK'IN SWEAT!!!!! I had on a wick T and a long sleeve cotton underneath. Even though the Asics Jacket was on sale, I bought it for the wind resistance and the COLOR.  You would think I would stand out in that but I have had 2 near misses in the last month...both times I was the defensive runner and did not trust the driver. But hey...I have made a few mistakes here and there 2...I just never admit it.

I also had "Ala" photographer son "B" snap the pics.....his comment "Are these going in your Blog?". Yeah I replied...."Your Weird!" he says.

AE:  No presents for that kid this year...what a smartass!!!

Me: Just like the BOSS....well, okay, really, more like me

AE: yeah..just like you, weird

Me: And what, your perfect?

AE: Nah...just more mature

Me: Well your finally making sense...guess your kinda right...decided to take this photo for what's her face wherever she may be these days:

AE: Great plug for Nellie, what about me..and BTW, hope you put the deodorant on today!

Me: Here's your ready for another run tomorrow after grocery shopping buddy!!!!:

AE: I love you MAN, I just LOVE you.

Me: Yeah, Yeah

I would be remiss if I did not send a shout out to Chris at "BQ or Die". No, he not like suicidal or stuff...he justs wants to run in Boston...and that's pretty cool. He gave me a nice "Get er Done " comment on the  blog...and hey, I will definitely take all the cheers I can get. Does that make me needy????

Anyways....I leave you with this...a poem I memorized at the age of 14 from a teacher I had who treated me with a ton of respect (he was with the school for a term and wrote me a note before he left...this was included with it as something for around the fire). Thanx Frank, I have never, ever, forgotten you and the effect you had on my life...all positive. Seems about right for the season. Tread softly folks...Santa is watching:

The liquor was spilled on the bar room floor
And the bar was closed for the night
When out of his hole came a little brown mouse and sat in the pale moonlight,
He lapped up the liquor on the baroom floor and on his haunches he sat
And all around you could hear him YELL
"Bring on the Goddamn Cat!!!"
Well.....The Cat came around about quarter past 4  

(this is 1 of our 2..."EARL"...aka: dumb)

And ate up the little brown mouse
And the moral of the story.........


AE: I kinda like that

Me: Yeah, if your the Cat

AE: Yeah...well....put up or shut up right?

Me: Can't argue that...whatdaya say we go find a cool one

AE: You da man Shawn, you da Man!!!!!


Lee said...

Great run! Great poem! Gotta get me some of those spikes! I was out slogging through some pretty thick and slippery snow tonight.

Raegun said...

Too funny! Knock on wood - I haven't had any near misses yet, despite doing almost all of my running at night. I think it's time I invest in some reflective stuff. Way to get out in the snow!!