Sunday, December 19, 2010


Hauled my sorry ole butt out of bed at 7:30 (no big deal since the BOSS was off for an extra shift @ 7am), expecting to eat, get groceries and go for a run before the chauffeuring (ie...Dad Cab) started. Oh well.....

Stuffed 1/2 a cantaloupe down, cuppa Colombian coffee and went grocery shopping. They had 1 lonely cashier on so when my $200 bucks worth of groceries pulled up...I did my good deed for the day and let some other dude go ahead of me with his 6 items...he more or less acted like I should have just done that anyways, made me wonder about that choice. But what the hey, I was not looking for someone to blow sunshine up my butt....I was doing my  good deed for the day.

Got home, hid the groceries from the hyenas, had a bagel and got asked to chauffeur son "B" for some almost there to the hill and he discovered he forgot his gloves....then the hill was closed...then I had to get a bday card for a party tonight. By the time we got back home my window for todays run was shrinking......cause I want to nap this big treat!!!

So....I gave myself an hour to run before I dropped off "B" at a different hill and dropped of "A" at an annual party for Christmas decorations. time.

Todays run was a hoot. The streets are wet but not slippery, so I put on the tights (no pics...don't want to scare any readers away), my Sauconys and away I went. I picked some deserted roads to head out on and decided right away...that I felt the need for some speed!!!

I started out fast and figured I would hammer the 1st 2.5 k like it was a duathlon. Them my little cerebral cortex (AE) said, 

AE: Hey dude, lets see what kind PR we can do for a 5k...set a benchmark.

Me: Your on man!!!

So here are the numbers from the run

First 5 k - 23:04 - 4:36 mins/km (7:25 mins/m)
Next 2.52 k - 14:08 - 5:36 mins/km (9:00 mins/m)..catch my breath
Last 4.56 k - 25:16 - 5:32 mins/km (8:54 mins/m)..up it abit

Needless to say, I am very happy with these numbers as most of the runs lately have been about fitness and weight loss. So it was nice too crank up the torque and make sure I could still do it. I have to admit about 3.5 k I figured maybe me and Mr. Keith got too acquainted with each other last night.

So now it is reward time...a brief but beautiful nap before the "Cab" starts up again for pickups....and then I have to make myself pretty for the  bday party tonight.

Have a great week everyone.....That much needed break is just around the corner!!!


Lee said...

hyenas - good analogy!
nice times!!!!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Blowing some Hawaiian sunshine up your rear! ha ha!

Anonymous said...

A well earned nap indeed!

Chris K said...

Nice job Shawn! Sucks the Dude didn't give you more good energy....kinda like when you are driving and let someone "cut in" and you don't get the thank you wave.