Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Danger Will Smith, Critical Overload Imminent!!!!!!

Does time ever stand still? Does a tree falling in the forest make a sound? If your talking about somebody behind their back, are you not talking to their face?

I wish I had time to debate all these fine arguments but I am just too damn busy. Busy with work, busy with the boys, busy with Christmas parties, busy with running around in general. I must admit I love the season (which by the way started today for me and the Christmas lights will be on tonight), but it just seems to get crazy for me about this time of year...and now I can add a new activity that was not around last year...RUNNING. I kinda feel like this these days:

I of course am not unhappy with this...but it has added to the workload. I guess the reason this is a topic of discussion is because for the 1st time in a long time, I did not get the most out of yesterdays run. I cut it short and came home because so many thing’s felt wrong and I was pissed off.

I planned on going after work +/- 20 minutes. This gave me time to grocery shop, get home and go. Got home and life showed up and said I had to transport a sons project partner home after supper was finished...momentarily of course, which turned into 45 minutes before driving, 20 minutes drive, then home again to get going. . That in turn caused my food intake for the run to be off and rather than risking cramps or gut issues, I just went. Not to mention it was wet to begin with but it really got worse once I started. It did not help that I knew if I went for my run when I wanted to, I would have been fueled properly,  I would have missed most all of the wet and still could have driven the project partner home by the same time.

I guess I do a lot of planning intake, distances, when I run EXACTLY, etc....So having a day where my plans did not materialize was a pain. I hate it when I can’t plan for life.......

So, I am now over it. I looked at a picture of me from Cuba this past Feb today (yikes!!!)..and regained some perspective on the big picture and realized again, that having one bad run after my consecutive string of good ones is not a big deal. Just means it is time to start a new string of great runs...starting tomorrow as I probably do need a break.

November totals –  212.87 km (132.27 m)

So I spent the rest of tonight playing Dr. Shawn:

…..glue master. Back on track and ready for tomorrows run (properly fuelled and on time of course!!!!)


Patrick Mahoney said...

never, ever judge your training in the context of one workout. But you know that 'cause you said it in so many words.

Cuba, huh? Another advantage to your passport.

Shawn said...

Hey was just overall one of those days....but I've picked it up before and will pick it up again..and you are right..thanx....CUBA..white sand, Cuba Libre Por Favor

Andrew Opala said...

great totals man!

I can feel your pain ... just do your best again tomorrow ...

I always have one sacrificial lamb ... right not it's blogging ... running is up there with loving my family - everyone wants me to run so I'm lucky that way. They even get nervous if they see me back from work and they don't see my shoes drying on the vent.

Lights went up last weekend plus a naked tree.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Had totally forgotten about Stretch Armstrong! Would love to get to Cuba before the gates are opened to the American tourist horde.

Jamoosh said...

Glue Master indeed!

Quinton J said...

I’m confused? These days you feel like you’re wearing a Speedo?

Bad runs are a part of the journey. Acknowledge them. Embrace them. Love them even. Then brush them off and move on to greatness.

Nice work on balancing the running, real life and your Speedo.