Monday, December 20, 2010

3rd times a Charm

Monday nights run was an adventure to say the least. A beautiful evening, a little crisp but absolutely no wind...perfect. Decided to run the streets instead of the sidewalks so I donned the Saucony's and the dreaded leggings and away we went. Must be the better movement allowed by the leggings cause right away I felt more mobility and went out with a great pace.

You know when you have one of those runs where you just feel better and better the more you go?? While this was one of those...and nothing was going to ruin it.

Not even the truck that tried to run me over:

The driver kept inching out on the sidewalk and I figured they must have seen me from 10 feet as they were looking straight at me!!! Then they tried to inch me into the road!!! I felt like a wide reciever doing the whoop whoop on the monster chasing my tail, did the spin move and escaped with my life:

Once I recovered and found out that I did not crap my pants (tights?), I kept the pace up....that much more committed to staying alive....

My next pit bull that decided to jump at me

...crap my pants scare number 2 (I mean, the 2nd time I got scarededed, not #2 in the pants). Could it get better? You bet, still had the pace going and decided to roll with it.

3/4 of the way thru the run I hit a green light and ran in front of a Dodge Neon. I seen the passenger side had a female worries right. Went across the xwalk and about 3 feet on the other side when I hear the yell "Nice PANTS". I gave that friendly hand wave and can take this 2 ways:

1 -  "Nice PANTS' as in, hey, you look fit and that's not to bad!!!


2 - "Nice PANTS" looooser...what were you thinking dude!!!

Now, since the "BOSS" always tells me how asinine I am...I figure I go with option  "A" and call it a day...yeah, that works for Shawn, that's the ticket....which by the way has me thinking,do need a better handle than just "Shawn"????

I mean, there's "Q", "Big Daddy Diesel", Miss Zippy", 'Raegun", "SUAR", "EMZ",...but maybe there is only 

1 Shawn....because, there can be only 1!!!!!!!

  I mean I guess I never was a nickname guy but I really think it may be cool....but maybe we have to be around a bit more to get a "Handle" like that?

The other thing I have noticed and am curious about with other runners is how much do you notice when you run? One of the things I really notice is smells on my runs. The last  runs have been a combination of snowblower exhaust, fast food (or as I call it "FAT"), Indian Food, dryer vent smell (downey,bounce), steak and all kinds of other things. you sniff when you run and does it control you?....and should I come up with a new handle???????


Laura said...

The one part that I don't like about our Sunday morning long runs?....the smell of bacon from people having their Sunday brunch as we slog through the miles.
Though I do feel 'superior' when I eat it post long run. :)

Andrew Opala said...

definitely the dryer vent smell ... plus wood burning in fire-places

Marry Christmas 1 Shawn! to you and your family.

Katie said...

That is one scary dog in that pic and one very entertaining run lol.

S-dawg :D I'm sorry, that was awful,but it was all I could think of. Or WTHWIT ? ahah that's even worse, I'm no help : /

Adam said...

Man, I'm going to be NO help on this one.....

1. I totally don't notice much at all on my runs. No smells, sounds, people yelling at me in cars.....
2. Meh - be true to yourself! You're shawn, I'm adam.