Friday, November 5, 2010

What Kind of Runner are You?

I did a 9.85 km (just under 6 miles) run today in the rain at a 5:18/km pace. I am in "just enjoy" the run right now, no plans yet for the rest of the year.

The last couple of days around here have been pretty dreary, grey skies and rain. I like the rain but find it hard to get motivated for anything......except adding stuff to this blog.

During my run today, I chewed up many ideas about what to blog about....and here's what I came up with.

What kind of runner are you? Are you a Cadillac CTS, shiny and fast?...A Lamborghini, nice to look at and unaffordable?.....A dependable Truck, a Compact, an Import? Are you a Turtle or a Hare? How about a Lear Jet or a Cessna? A Speedboat or a Dinghy?

Here's what I am.....I am an UGLY runner. I sweat, slobber (well, I spit once in awhile) and have a runny nose most of the run, and I have proof. Pictures taken of me during the race by whomever is doing the event photo's. Check this out.....

This is not pretty, I do not look fact I look like I am about to hurl...but wait, it gets better.....

Isn't that sweet....he's practicing to be a professional ballon blower exhibit please

 these 2 here are not too bad, except that they tell you they have better definition when you buy the photos (please don't call the copyright police on me) in pic 1, you actually get to look closer and see the red badge of honor on my shirt (the things they never tell you). Pic 2 makes me feel like a Canadian Forrest Gump, running in Our nations capital. Of all the photo's taken of me, the next is perhaps one of my favorites...It was the first competiton I did in 2010 to see where I was at and to just do it....

Not bad form...but still pretty ugly. I usually run with my head down looking at the road ahead. Every once in awhile, I actually find Nirvana during my run, that 1 second when everything clicks and I have all the answers to the Worlds Problems!

I had tried jogging years ago in an attempt to get in shape...and because of my weight, I did a nasty on a knee that became my new crutch for not doing anything. The next time around, I started with moderation, proper diet and lost the extra weight before running....voila, no knee pain (thank-you, thank-you, thank-you). I do however run ugly..I like to call it a controlled stagger, a lurch like shuffle (Tim Conway as the Old Man on the Carol Burnett Show  right at the end) that eventually gets me to my destination.

So, I accept being an UGLY runner, I do not look my best when I do competitions...I look like crap and I am okay with that.....are you? What Kind of Runner are YOU?

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Michelle said...

BAHA! In all my race photos, I look like one of three different things that are not acceptable to me:
1. Fat. f*ck.
2. Like I'm walking. f*ck again.
3. Pained. Ditto.