Saturday, November 6, 2010

True Colours

It's pretty grey around here today, the sun poked out for about 20 minutes and then the clouds rolled in again. It is hard to get motivated to run but I did force myself to go 12 kms at lunchtime. I swear I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder)  because on days like this, everything is an effort.

Have you ever done the "True Colours" test? It works much the same as the "Myers-Briggs" or "Keirsey's Temperment Sorter". Basically, it is a way to help you identify personality types so you can manipulate help people learn and also understand what makes them and yourself tick.

There are 4 distinct colour groups, Blue, Gold, Green and Orange. Most folks have 2 predominant colours that overshadow the 2 colours that we are not.

Blue people are all touchy feely.....they can be very empathetic, are good listeners

Gold people like rules....they are like Cops, play by the rules or go to jail

Green people are the planners.....they are like builders whose projects will take years to finish but they see it  and make it happen no matter how long it takes

Orange people are spontaneous....they come up with great ideas and are very impulsive

I am a Gold/Blue or a Gold/Green. I like my rules, I like having a plan and I can be empathetic. I do however have issue's with being just doesn't fit into my long term plans.

When I took this test as part of a course some years ago, the woman teaching it had a great philosophy. She said for her, she was a work in progress. She knew where she fit in and realized she had to work on her less predominant colours to become a more well rounded person.

The older I get, the more I see the wisdom in her thinking. We all have a tendancy to stay within our comfort zone and not come out of it. With that being said, change is hard. When I started chasing immortality, it was my Green  that planned the long term goal. It was the Gold that defined the rules it was to be done by (eat this, don't eat that). It was Blue the that helped me find like minded people who are on the same road as I am.

So what the hell does all of this have to do with running? I was thinking today about the shirts I have gotten from running. They are all different colour and designs and are all very special to me

My 1st is nice...white is a classic,

 My 2nd is awesome, absolutely 1 of a kind and special because I worked so hard for it;

The 3rd is something I wear for training...more subtle;

And finally, the reason for todays post...a gentle reminder that i have to work on my Spontaneity (sorry you have to turn your head...for some reason it will not load properly...enjoy the close up)

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