Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Todays post brought to you by the letters A, T, M, & B

I spent most of my day at work on my butt...yeeuuuccck!   So while I was invigilating (20 dollar word for a 10 cent job) a test, I happened to see some posts that inspired me. One with a personal best, TMB , and one with some kick ass effort, the big A . Trust me, this man's no wannabe...he is the real deal in my books.

With all the negative in the world today, you folks who take the effort to write posts make my day. You give me that little extra push to make me attempt to do my best. You complet....wait a minute, you had me at ....anyways...

This past summer I did a few Duathlons (Run, bike, run). Most of my training for these was spent on the first run and the bike. A friend of mine said run like a madman that first run, pedal your ass off on the bike and let your fitness take you home on the last run. It's easier to bring it down than it is to pump it up (re: see this).

So with all that being said, I checked my 2.5 k time on the garmin today while running and decided to hammer it for the rest of my run....just let er rip, give er, let it all go...or as someone else says, get er done

So the time?  Garmin Connect clocked me

10 k  @  4:44 mins/km, time = 47:26
6.21 m @ 7:38 mins/mile = 47:26

Avg HR = 156, Max HR = 167

I am happy with this. I took zero extra's, no nothing....just played the mental game for 47:26

Me: This was a stupid idea
Alter Ego: That's right dumbass, what were you thinking!!!!
Me: Andrew and TMB can bust ass, so can I
AE: Ahhh, just walk for a minute....we will regroup and go home
Me: Thanx for the support AE, what about A and TMB?
AE: They have their own blogs, let them do their own thing
Me: That's not really getting into the spirit
AE: We have beer at home

Needless to say, I won (this time..barely).

So thanx for making the effort to put out your POSTS. You may not know sometimes that you, yes you, are the nudge that pushes the rest of us to our best effort.....you don't have to be witty, funny, goofy or the best, you just have to be real. And as a die hard cynic, it does sound cheesy...but you do make a difference.

post on damnit, post on!!!!!!



Glad to hear that you were able to defeat your AE. And I'm happy to have contributed to that defeat. Run on!

Emz said...

Loved this post.

Love the ater ego conversation. ;)

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope you rewarded yourself with a beer at home!

Shawn said...

Went to visit a buddy Jamoosh...had an awesome PALE ALE..my favourite...note earlier posts...thanx for following...look for more beer adventures

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Nice work and did AE win with "beer at home" suggestion?! :)

Shawn said...

Usually AE wins beer argument on Fri-Sun and loses Mon-Thurs