Sunday, November 21, 2010

They call me Flipper, Flipper, King of the Ocean.....

Me: All right, lets get going on the run

Alter Ego: Why are we doing this?

Me: Well, you know the rule, we always run into the wind so the back half of the run when we're tired just isn't as nasty.

AE: No really, why are we doing this?

Me: Cause we went to two 50th bday parties last night and we had some goodies....remember?

AE: Nope, don't remember, refresh my memory

ME: Well, standard but most excellent fare at "S's" 50th. CHEESE (4 kinds), meatballs, brownies, crackers, chips,dips, bad things that tasted soooo good

AE: So?

Me: Then we went to "J's" 50th bday party and had Indian food, I can't remember the names but lotsa rice dishes with veggies and hot stuff, hot chicken stuff and some yogurt based dishes

AE: Now I remember...oh, and by the way, the guys said thanx for taking it easy on the Indian food

Me: Yeah, was for all of us. You know how Tummy (pronounced Tommy) and Pucker get upset with new things

AE: Yeah, well....the two of them are both big time complainers

Me: Great, anymore questions as to why we are gathered here today?

AE: Yeah...what's in it for me?

Me: Well, satisfaction, pride in your accomplishment, adding more miles to the resume, y'all will feel better

AE: Well, I think that is not enough...I alway have to have a carrot dangled in front of me. I am starting to feel like this.....

Me: Yeah well....Remember when we used to look like this?

AE: Oh....yeah, but that will never happen again

Me: That's right, that's why we are running today

AE: Is talking about Dolphins and Orca sexist?

Me: sexist stuff around here

AE: Good...just keep'in an eye out...

Me: Don't get distracted, keep running

AE: Okay...but can I have a crumb, a morsel, a tidbit if you will, something for putting up with -1 C and a 10 mile an hour wind. I mean, you already made the boys and their buddies blueberry pancakes for breakfast from scratch, you put up the Boss's Christmas lights (and you know how much me and the boys like the LADDER...yikes), your going to do a couple of loads of laundry while she's at work, make supper, do the re-cycling, blah, blah, blah...what about ME!!!!

Me: Well, it is still the weekend, perhaps one, a couple of these while you watch football would be okay..but that's it

AE: Awesome, THAT'S A DEAL, lets shake on it!! Is that before or after you fold that laundry and get supper on the go?

Me: During man....don't forget, cheer on the Riders today against Calgary (CFL Football folks) since my other team is dying as I type:

AE: I love an underdog Man....that' why I back you, remember?

Me: Yeah, yeah...go suck up to someone else man...and life goes on, 1 mile at a time


Dennis Hilario said...

inspiring blog!

Shawn said...

Thank-you Dennis...welcome aboard